Lewis Hamilton "down for hard racing" ahead of Singapore Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton has warned that he is ready to "race hard". (Credit: Getty Images)
Lewis Hamilton has warned that he is "down for hard racing". (Credit: Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton has warned he is "down for hard racing" following an incident with Charles Leclerc in Monza two weeks ago.

Leclerc almost collided with Hamilton as the current world champion tried to overtake and Hamilton has said he is ready to battle for victory in Singapore.

The Brit explained: “I look forward. There’s nothing I can do about the past. I’m down for hard racing.”

Ferrari driver Leclerc received a warning for the incident at the Italian Grand Prix and, following the conclusion of the race, Hamilton admitted he would be willing to change his style of driving as long as there are clear rules and punishments.

Hamilton explained: “If that’s how we are allowed to race then I will race like that.

“As long as we know that you are allowed to not leave a car width for example. You are allowed to run wide even if someone is there and you only get a warning flag.

“As long as it is clear that that’s the way moving forward it’s fine, so I know how to go into battle.”

Charles Leclerc talks with Lewis Hamilton. (Credit: Getty Images)
Charles Leclerc talks with Lewis Hamilton. (Credit: Getty Images)

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Leclrec has won back-to-back races, with successes in Belgium and Italy, and the Monegasque driver has already revealed his intention to “race hard”.

He added, “I think it’s hard racing.

“I was completely aware of what I was doing in the car.”

Hamilton leads the championship by 63 points going into Sunday’s race. The British driver has four previous wins in Singapore.

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