Man City 115 charges hearing update as Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham await Premier League verdict

Manchester City's Etihad Stadium
Manchester City's Etihad Stadium -Credit:James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

Manchester City are reportedly close to having their 115 alleged financial breaches heard by the Premier League's independent panel.

In February 2023, the Blues were charged with the historical rule breaks which took place between 2009 and 2018. 54 of the breaches relate to City failing to report accurate financial information, 35 for failing to cooperate with the Premier League's authorities, 14 for failing to provide accurate information on player and manager payments, seven for breaches to the Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) and five relating to breaching UEFA's FFP rules.

City firmly denies the allegations by the Premier League and has made it clear they will be contesting them. Since the news broke about the charges against the club, a dark cloud has hung over them as they await the breaches to be heard.

Premier League rivals Nottingham Forest and Everton have each been charged, punished and had the appeal process heard while we await a hearing date being set for City. Rival supporters have argued that the City hearing should have happened quicker but Premier League chief Richard Masters has explained that the charges against the Manchester club are not comparable to that of Forest and Everton due to their scale.

However, it appears the hearing could soon be about to begin. According to Sky News, the hearing will take place in the 'next few months.' This vague response mirrors Masters' comments earlier in the year when he said a date had been set for the hearing but he would not disclose when that would be.

It is understood the outcome of the hearing will not be disclosed until the summer of 2025 and the punishment if City are found guilty of the breaches is as yet unknown but it has been discussed that a double-points deduction or immediate relegation could be considered.