Man City lose, transfer agreed, Timber boost - Arsenal dream end of the season for Mikel Arteta

Arsenal players celebrate against Bournemouth
There's a lot going on at Arsenal in the final weeks of the season -Credit:Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Two games, 180 (ish) minutes, six points, less than a fortnight. Arsenal are so close to footballing immortality.

They are on the brink, even if it's not in their hands, of winning a first league title in 20 years. Mikel Arteta could be the first man not named Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp to lift the trophy since Antonio Conte did it in 2017.

Eight-and-a-half months have led up to this moment, the last week or so. There's no domestic or European Cup distractions, the Champions League has been and gone, a promise of the years to come for this young squad.

Then we do it all again. Weeks of analysis, post-mortems, hindsight, and looking for extra points. What if they'd been a bit more attacking at the Etihad Stadium, what a comeback draw that was at Stamford Bridge, should more goals have come against Sheffield United?

The Euros will follow, and transfer speculation will ramp up. Arsenal can build, they can avoid the managerial merry-go-round that could come for teams across the continent. Arteta will be eyeing up another strong set of targets and the pre-season tour to follow.

This year is not even over yet and attention is already, in some camps, on 2024/25. The financial restrictions of the summer window, the new additions and players returning from injury, the cycle will go on regardless.

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Here, takes a look at what Arsenal can be hopeful of seeing in the coming weeks before international football takes over.

Manchester City slip-up

The title isn't over just yet. City look inevitable and have made light work of securing results in recent weeks, but football isn't played on paper.

Fulham's training ground lethargy in a viral social media clip hasn't made it easy for Arsenal fans to believe that another twist or turn is possible, but it is. Arteta must have his side play like the title is theirs to lose. They can only keep City honest.

Whether it be at Craven Cottage on Saturday, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium next week, or even in David Moyes' farewell on the final day, Arsenal have to hope that City give them a glimmer. And if the door is opened, Arsenal have to be ready to storm through it.

The ideal end of season involves them lifting the trophy, and being champions. There's an open-top bus, a huge parade, a lot of songs, and celebrations, oh the celebrations. It will be hard to stomach being so close over the summer, but look too far ahead and Arsenal could lose sight of what is right in front of them.

Transfers prepared

Whether champions or not, Arsenal will be aiming to make a big play in the transfer market. As winners they have something to defend and improvements in depth to aid their European exploits. As runners-up, and they must still make sure they finish above Liverpool at least, the heights are there to be chased.

Last year a bulk of the work was done early. This time round it will be beneficial again to be active, ahead of their competitors, and ready for sales. With financial compliance absolutely key to achieving the desired goals it will be even more important to get sales completed by June 30.

The Euros and Copa America make this tough, but Edu Gaspar will be required to have another impressive summer as sporting director. Exits for some high-profile names are on the cards and replacements to take the club further will be needed. Getting into position to make these changes happen smoothly is a priority, and really should have begun by now.

Timber returns

The season that never was. Jurrien Timber's campaign was over before it ever started. His promising tour of USA was the only true part to be remembered.

Now, having been on the outside looking in for most of 2024, Timber is close to getting some minutes. At what intensity he could return and be useful, or much of a game-changer, is another question entirely.

Anything he does do now, in a safe environment, will be helpful for Arsenal though. Not only is it another player to share the load but it will also be the best chance he has of moving towards reaching full potential next year.

Pre-season will test him but not in the way that minutes in a title fight like this will. Timber shouldn't be pushed right now but there's a big chance to end the season on a good note if he can get back on the field.