NFL: Watch Tyler Lockett's incredible catch of the season

Luke BradshawSports Writer
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The NFC West’s two best teams served up a thrilling 29-30 encounter last night, and fittingly it featured arguably the best catch of the season so far.

Having initially struggled against the Rams defense in the early part of the game, Seahawks’ Russell Wilson extended a play at the end of the first quarter with his feet. Skipping to the left, he floated a pass to Tyler Lockett with pinpoint precision into the corner that Lockett managed to pull in, toe-tapping his way to his team’s first touchdown of the night.

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Next Gen Stats, who among other things rank the probability, or more appropriately the improbability, of completing a play as it unfolds, concluded that Lockett’s came with a 6.3% chance of success – the most improbable completion of the last two seasons.

The stat is based on the fact that the wide receiver was 0.2 yards from the sideline and 1.1 yards from the back of the end zone when he caught the ball. Regardless, it was a phenomenal effort, made all the better by Wilson’s incredible accuracy.

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