Patrice Evra in homophobic and offensive rant against Paris Saint-Germain as club considers taking legal action

Paris Saint-Germain are considering legal action against former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra after he used homophobic and offensive language to describe the French club’s players “f*****s” and “p*****s”

The 37-year-old could face serious repercussions after mocking PSG in a video that was posted on social media app Snapchat, having launched into an abusive rant while riding in a taxi with friends.

In the video, Evra makes reference to United’s 3-1 Champions League victory over PSG two weeks ago that knocked the Ligue 1 side out of Europe, and claims that they were between by United’s “D team” as well as using homophobic and offensive language.

In the video, Evra says: “Here it is Manchester. Stop supporting teams who will never win.

“Paris, you are some f*****s! Some f*****s!

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“Even my cousin who is in the front (of the car) is p****d off. We played with the D team, the D team! Not even C (and) we sorted you out.

“Hey, kids were playing (for United), the ones who used to clean my boots. They don't even have sperm (yet). Paris, you are some p*****s!”

Evra also reignited an old feud with Monaco winger Jerome Rother, formerly of PSG, by threatening to “f*****g slap you in the face” after he criticised Evra’s celebrations alongside Paul Pogba in the director’s box of the Parc des Princes on the night of the famous European victory.

Patrice Evra launched a homophobic rant against Paris Saint-Germain (Snapchat/NOMSII)
Patrice Evra launched a homophobic rant against Paris Saint-Germain (Snapchat/NOMSII)

PSG issued a strongly-worded statement on Tuesday night to condemn Evra’s verbal attack, and the club are understood to be considering what legal options they have open to them.

“Paris Saint-Germain condemns Patrice Evra’s homophobic insults aimed at the club, its representatives and its former players in a video released yesterday on social media,” a statement read.

“These remarks profoundly shocked the club, which is particularly committed to the values of respect and inclusiveness.

“The fight against homophobia and all forms of discrimination is at the heart of PSG’s actions and values, which has worked alongside Rouge Direct (formerly Paris Foot Gay) to fight homophobia, as well as Sportitude against all forms of racism.”

PSG are considering taking legal action against Evra (Snapchat/NOMSII)
PSG are considering taking legal action against Evra (Snapchat/NOMSII)

Evra attempted to “clarify” his outburst following the negative reaction and apologised “if I offended or hurt someone”, but accused the French media of twisting his words.

“I am here to clarify a massive, massive misunderstanding but we have to shut it down. I made a video, as a joke as a friend, and the French media, they take it because I used the word ‘pede’, so they translated as I am against the gay people.

“I am not homophobic. I love everybody. So, if I offend someone or I hurt someone, I apologise. You know it’s not my intention but they just try and put me down.”

However, while United will not comment on the incident given that Evra is no longer an employee of the club, they have moved to distance themselves from the former club captain.

Evra played for PSG during his youth career between 1997 and 1998 before leaving for Italy, and it was with United where he made his name after making 355 games for the club between 2006 and 2014, winning five Premier League titles and the Champions League in 2007/08.