Portugal vs Slovenia LIVE! Penalties - Euro 2024 result, match stream, latest updates today

Portugal vs Slovenia LIVE! Penalties - Euro 2024 result, match stream, latest updates today

Portugal vs Slovenia LIVE!

Goalkeeper Diogo Costa saved all three penalties as Portugal won 3-0 in a shootout against a brave Slovenia side who had held them to a 0-0 draw after Cristiano Ronaldo's extra-time miss from the spot in a dramatic Euro 2024 last 16 clash on Monday.

Portugal had the lion's share of the chances but also their goalkeeper to thank for a one-on-one save from Slovenia striker Benjamin Sesko as fortunate Portugal stumbled into a quarter-final meeting with France in Hamburg on Friday. Costa saved from Josip Ilicic, Jure Balkovec and Benjamin Verbic in the shootout to send his side into the next round with a performance that lacked spark for the most part.

Ronaldo in particular will come under the spotlight as he wasted several opportunities to go with a penalty miss in extra-time that left him in a flood of tears and needing to be consoled by team mates. Read the game back below with our dedicated match blog!

Portugal vs Slovenia latest updates

  • CHANCE! Sesko misses another sitter

  • EXTRA TIME: Underway after goalless 90 mins

  • CHANCE! Sesko scuffs a sitter

22:46 , Alex Young

Incredible drama, and Portugal will face France in the quarter-finals.

You can read our match report here.

22:43 , Alex Young

...sends Oblak and wrong way and PORTUGAL ARE THROUGH!

22:43 , Alex Young

Portugal just need to score and they are through. Bernardo Silva steps up...

22:42 , Alex Young

Verbic has to score... and COSTA SAVES AGAIN!

This is remarkable!

22:42 , Alex Young

Fernandes next. He doesn’t miss does he? No. Cool as you like.

22:41 , Alex Young

Slovenia already up against it. Costa SAVES AGAIN!

22:40 , Alex Young

Ronaldo... SCORES!

22:39 , Alex Young

Portugal next and it’s Ronaldo.

22:39 , Alex Young

Illic... MISSES!

Costa saves, to his left.

22:38 , Alex Young

Slovenia up first.

22:38 , Alex Young

Ronaldo needs redemption. Does he go the same way?

I’d just smack it down the middle.


22:34 , Alex Young

121min: We got to penalties.

22:34 , Alex Young

120min: Neves with what may be his first touch sends a volley high into the stands.

Penalties look inevitable. One minute added.

22:32 , Alex Young

118min: Fernandes tries to find Mendes’ run in from the wing, but Oblak is there to run onto and clutch out of the air.

22:30 , Alex Young

117min: Semedo and Ruben Neves are on. Pepe and Cancelo are off.

22:30 , Alex Young

116min: Sesko will never get a better chance to score.


22:29 , Alex Young

115min: Sesko has to score, again!

Pepe let’s the ball escape him and Sesko has the goal gaping, he just needs to slot it home! But fires at Costa.

That was the moment.

22:26 , Alex Young

114min: Slovenia doing brilliantly to stretch the play on the break.

Are we destined for penalties?

22:25 , Alex Young

113min: Illic straight into the wall.

22:25 , Alex Young

112min: Martinez has been booked for complaining.

22:24 , Alex Young

111min: Verbic is tripped on the edge of the area by Jota. A forward’s tackle if ever I’ve seen one.


109min: I have no idea where this one is going. Slovenia could easily nick this, but it Portugal who are obviously on top.

22:21 , Alex Young

108min: Balkovec rightly booked for a nasty late tackle on Ronaldo. The entire Slovenia back four are now booked.

Second half in extra time

22:19 , Alex Young

106min: Back underway, so dry your eyes Ronaldo.

Illic on for Elsnik.

22:17 , Alex Young

He’s not just crying, he’s sobbing. Floods.

He’s still got 15 minutes to play.

Half-time in extra time

22:16 , Alex Young

116min: Ronaldo is crying.


22:15 , Alex Young

115min: Oblak denies Ronaldo! Incredible!

Full stretch to his right, pushes the ball onto the post.


22:13 , Alex Young

113min: A long, long think from the referee but eventually he points to the spot! Jota takes a tumble under a tackle from Drkušić

22:11 , Alex Young

111min: Stankovic booked for a pull on Palhinha.

22:09 , Alex Young

110min: Jota with a weak header straight at Oblak.

22:09 , Alex Young

99min: It’s interesting to see what Portugal do in extra time. As I said before the game, Slovenia have no pressure on them and they are making more and more of a game as the minutes tick by.

Portugal could find themselves retreating if they do not get a goal soon.

22:05 , Alex Young

96min: Corner is initially cleared, but comes back in for some pinball before Stankovic fires wide.

22:04 , Alex Young

95min: Oof, Verbic jumps on a loose ball, drives at Portugal and lets fly... seeing his low shot deflect behind.

22:02 , Alex Young

93min: Fernandes fancy a go from range but hits the first defender, the ball bounces out to Mendes to bend a cross at the back post but Ronaldo isn’t alert to it.

22:00 , Alex Young

92min: No changes from either team during the pause.

Extra time!

21:59 , Alex Young

91min: Right then, 30 more minutes of this.

21:58 , Alex Young

Both managers have their squads in a huddle. What have Slovenia got in them? They don’t like particularly tired.

End of 90 minutes!

21:55 , Alex Young

95min: The delivery comes in... and it’s a waste. We’re heading for extra time!

21:54 , Alex Young

94min: Sesko tries to bring the ball down on the edge of the area, but his first touch off his chest is heavy and the chance breaks down.

Straight up the other end, Portugal win a final corner of regulation time...

21:53 , Alex Young

93min: Superb from Pepe to shepherd the ball away from Celar inside the area.

21:52 , Alex Young

92min: Fernandes getting pelted by plastic cups as he tries to take a corner.

Finally the delivery comes in... it’s straight on Oblak’s head and Ronaldo fouls him.

21:51 , Alex Young

91min: Four minutes added on.

21:49 , Alex Young

89min: Ronaldo slipped into the box and fires straight at Oblak!

That was a poor finish.

21:47 , Alex Young

88min: Delivery is sent in but easily cleared.

21:47 , Alex Young

87min: Pepe goes through the back of Sesko. About 40 yards out.

21:46 , Alex Young

86min: Change for Slovenia as Verbic replaces Stojanovic.

21:45 , Alex Young

83min: Cancelo is sent scampering after an aimless pass from Fernandes.

Portugal looked likely to score two or three in the first half. Bar that Ronaldo free kick, Oblak hasn’t broken into a sweat.

21:41 , Alex Young

80min: Into the final 10 minutes. Fernandes is so busy in the centre, but those ahead of him are just running into trouble time and again.

21:38 , Alex Young

77min: Fantastic run from Mendes from left-back, who gets into the area and then looks for Ronaldo at the far post.

Slovenia half-clear before Portugal win it back and send in another cross, which bounces out of play as Conceicao throws himself to the floor.

21:36 , Alex Young

76min: Jota has not made any sort of impact since coming on, not in a positive way, anyway. Poor touches and decision-making.

Conceicao is on for Leao, who looks frustrated at that decision.

21:34 , Alex Young

74min: Double change for Slovenia.

Mlakar and Sporar are off, Celar and Stankovic are on.

21:32 , Alex Young

72min: It takes him a minute to line it up... and he fizzes it five yards over the bar. Probably worth giving someone else a go, Ronnie?

21:31 , Alex Young

71min: Cancelo does well to get to the byline and send in another low cross, and again Slovenia hook it clear... until the give away a foul around 30 yards out.

Ronaldo’s eyes light up.

21:29 , Alex Young

69min: A bit of extended, more patient bit of possession for Portugal as the prod and probe their opponents.

21:26 , Alex Young

66min: Ronaldo dribbles straight into the back of a Slovenia defender after pushing the ball past him. It’s a common trick the Portuguese players are doing and not once has the referee fallen for it.

21:25 , Alex Young

65min: First change for Portugal as Vitinha is replaced by Jota.

21:24 , Alex Young

64min: Slovenia doing so well to hold firm against this Portugal attack, who are just buzzing around them.

21:22 , Alex Young

62min: Oh, Sesko! He had to score! He had to!

He faces up to Pepe and has the pace to beat him, but Pepe shows all of his 41 years to hold off the striker and force him into a scuffed shot.

You feel that was the moment.

21:19 , Alex Young

59min: Cancelo wins a corner, the ball is sent in and it again falls to Vitinha who produces his best Ronaldo impression by just thumping the ball into a crowd of players and hopes. Nothing doing.

21:18 , Alex Young

58min: Almost genius from Fernandes, producing a disguised flick to set up Vitinha inside the area but Slovenia crowd him out.

21:16 , Alex Young

55min: It’s a ROCKET from Ronaldo, thumps the free kick past the wall and straight down Oblak’s throat.

Good, strong save from the Atleti keeper.

21:15 , Alex Young

54min: Cancelo has the door shut in his face as his tries to duck into the area. Referee say no foul, but then Slovenia give away one almost immediately.

Ronaldo fancies it...

21:14 , Alex Young

52min: Stojanovic and Ronaldo clash, and not for the first time. An interesting battle there.

21:09 , Alex Young

48min: Slower start to this half - wasn’t hard, to be fair - as Elsnik aims a weak volley at Costa from a Slovenia corner.

Second half!

21:05 , Alex Young

46min: Back underway.

21:04 , Alex Young

Here come the teams.

21:00 , Alex Young

Ronaldo still hasn’t score in this tournament, despite both his and his team-mates’ efforts.

He can’t keep fluffing his lines, surely?

20:54 , Alex Young

Wave after wave for Portugal attacks failed to produce a breakthrough, and Slovenia grew into the game as half-time approached.More of the same after the break, please.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)


20:48 , Alex Young

48min: There’s the whistle. That half flew by.

20:48 , Alex Young

47min: Slovenia are seeing this out fairly comfortably.

20:47 , Alex Young

46min: Two minutes added on.

20:46 , Alex Young

44min: Lovely effort from distance from Sesko, such a clean effort from about 30 yards but straight down Costa’s throat.

20:44 , Alex Young

42min: The pace has just increased and increased as the half wore on. Will Portugal get their breakthrough before half-time?

20:41 , Alex Young

40min: Straight up the other end, Sporar looked destined to sweep home after a fantastic break but Portugal just about boot behind for a corner.

He was winding up for a shot!

20:40 , Alex Young

39min: Ronaldo again with a free kick, on the angle... and drill it 20 yards wide.

20:39 , Alex Young

37min: Well, that’s one way to stop an attack! Karnicnik just slaps the ball away from Leao.

It’s wave after wave.

20:38 , Alex Young

36min: Ronaldo could have had a hat-trick tonight!

This time he gets a header completely wrong when it looked easier to nod home.

20:36 , Alex Young

34min: This looks very close for Ronaldo to get over the wall... he’s going for it and absolutely hammers it a whisker over the bar!

20:35 , Alex Young

33min: Breathless stuff, this. Now Leao charges at the Slovenia defence, tries to skip past Drkusic but gets tripped for his troubles.

Drkusic is booked. This is Ronaldo territory.

20:34 , Alex Young

32min: Chance! Ronaldo leaps to meet Cancelo’s dinked cross and Drkusic’s does brilliantly to put the forward off.

20:33 , Alex Young

31min: Almost a beautiful opening for Portugal as Fernandes brings an arrowed cross down on his chest, but there’s a little bit too much spice on the ball as Slovenia can clear.

20:30 , Alex Young

28min: Leao tries to win a foul off of Elsnik but the referee isn’t having it. Tells him to get up and awards a throw in to Slovenia.

20:29 , Alex Young

27min: Fernandes tries to break down the right but is so hesitant to sling in a cross as the ball is just bobbling up in front of him while dribbling. The pitch is not good.

20:28 , Alex Young

25min: Fernandes carves open a space and sends a half-volley at goal, but the offside flag is up.


23min: Nuno Mendes is in the wars again, hitting the deck after a collision with Sporar near the edge of the Portugal box.

He gets up again, but a bit slower this time.

20:22 , Alex Young

20min: Pause in play as Nuno Mendes down, having appeared to tweak his ankle. He should be fine to continue.

20:21 , Alex Young

18min: Sporar, that is shameful. The Slovenia forward tries to hold up the ball inside the Portugal area but when it looks like he is going to lose it just throws himself to the floor.

It’s a clear dive, but no booking.

20:18 , Alex Young

16min: Ronaldo again the target in the box - when is he not? - and this time he takes a tumble as the Portugal fans scream for a penalty. The referee is not interested, and I don’t blame him. Nothing in that.

20:16 , Alex Young

14min: Portugal are getting closer!

Bernardo this time the one to whip in the cross, which is three inches above Ronaldo’s head and two inches out of Fernandes’ reach.

20:13 , Alex Young

11min: Another corner, another directed at Pepe, another which Pepe gets on the end of, but another which Slovenia just about hack clear.

Frantic start.

20:10 , Alex Young

8min: Oh, Ronaldo!

Leao slips in the former great, but tries to take the pass in his stride and into the area, but slips as he tries to control and the move breaks down.

20:09 , Alex Young

7min: Portugal win a free kick, around 40 yards out near the touchline. Fernandes on set-piece duty to float towards the far post, which Pepe does superbly to hook back into play but the goalkeeper claims.

20:07 , Alex Young

5min: Corner comes in, the delivery falls to Dias to fires at goal but it fizzes wide.

20:06 , Alex Young

4min: Up the other end, Fernandes whips in a superb early cross towards Leao at the far post but Slovakia clear for a corner.

20:04 , Alex Young

2min: Slovenia try to lift the ball into the Portugal box early on, but it’s hooked away by Gomes. Good early pressing.


20:01 , Alex Young

1min: Up and running!

19:58 , Alex Young

Both national anthems belted out under the roof in Frankfurt.

19:54 , Alex Young

Here they come!

19:54 , Alex Young

The teams are in the tunnel. Not long to go.

19:50 , Alex Young

Final prep done. The teams are back in their dressing rooms.

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