Prince William and Kate Middleton Are "Planning to Reduce Awkwardness" When Prince Harry Visits

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Will and Kate Plan to Reduce Discomfort with HarryMax Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images

Prince Harry (and possibly Meghan Markle) are heading to the United Kingdom in May for the 10-year anniversary of the Invictus Games, which means the royal might end up seeing Prince William and Kate Middleton. Though apparently, William is not interested in a reunion.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn tells The Mirror that "William and Kate are really nervous that, whether Harry comes alone or with Meghan, there are going to be difficulties, and a great deal of planning is going on to try to reduce all the inevitable awkwardness and embarrassment. One plan being looked [at] is to let the brothers appear in public for a short period to try to [and] show [that] they can at least be civil to each other."

If it sounds as though William and Kate have the public's perception in mind, that's because they do. As Quinn puts it, "It’s a question of the lesser of two evils. If Harry comes to the UK in May and avoids his brother and Kate, there will be more damaging speculation than if they try to patch things up just enough to cope with a short meeting."

This update comes as a friend of the Wales's tells the Daily Beast the following: "Catherine and William have been very clear they want peace and quiet for them and the kids. A visit from Harry, with all the drama that would bring, would be the opposite of that."

Meanwhile, royal author Christopher Andersen recently mused that Harry has "made several overtures as of late — only to be met with stony silence," and that "William simply doesn't have the time or the emotional bandwidth to try and make nice with the brother he believes betrayed not only him but the entire royal family."

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