Rangers fans flaunt 'stolen' Celtic Green Brigade banner as Union Bears mock rival ultras

The Union Bears proudly displayed 'stolen' Green Brigade banners today ahead of next weekend's Glasgow derby.

The Rangers ultras taunted their Celtic rivals during today's win over Kilmarnock with a display that had seemingly commandeered. The signs had previously been displayed by the Hoops group at a game and took aim at Gers boss Philippe Clement over his claim his side were the 'moral champions' of the last derby which ended in a 3-3 draw and also branded the Ibrox men 'serial losers'.

They rearranged it so that this time it read 'Green Brigade. Serial losers of banners'. While another part of the banner was on display upside down. A picture of the display was posted by a casual ultras page on X and they wrote: "Union Bears (Rangers) with stolen Green Brigade (Celtic) banners for the derby next week.

Some Hoops fans appeared to doubt the theory they had actually been stolen.

One wrote: "Hahahaha they made fake banners, pretending to have stolen banners."

Before unveiling those banners, Rangers fans had another one which read: "All in blue to Hampden" and another which said "Glasgow is Blue."