Richard Keys launches fresh attack on Man City as Arsenal await 115 Premier League charges hearing

Richard Keys
BeIN presenter Richard Keys -Credit:(Image: beinSPORTS)

Presenter Richard Keys has said that there will be an 'asterisk' over Manchester City’s Premier League title win amid the charges that the club face. Pep Guardiola’s side made history by becoming the first team to win the top division four years in a row.

They finished two points above Arsenal in the table, but it comes with the club facing 115 charges from the Premier League for alleged breaches of financial rules. The hearing is expected later this year, with an outcome not expected until at least next summer, meaning the situation continues to be dragged out.

If they are found guilty, the Etihad club could potentially be stripped of titles and relegated from the Premier League. Following City’s title win, Keys has now had his say on the situation and urged the club to get it sorted and ‘stop running’.

“Regulars know what’s coming. It wasn’t just the final day that fell flat - I thought City’s achievement did,” he wrote in his blog . “They know. They all know - fans, players and management alike, that none of us can take anything they do at face value - until they‘ve answered the 115 outstanding breaches of PL regulations…

“City strenuously deny any wrong doing. And they’re innocent until proven guilty. The problem is that everything they win comes with an asterisk, until we know one way or the other. And that’s not fair on the guys winning the trophies - or City’s fans.

“If the people that run the club are certain they’ve done nothing wrong - face the charges now. Stop running.”

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Keys also had his say on Arsenal’s challenge for the title. He is in agreement with Man City midfielder Rodri over the Gunners’ approach to the game at the Etihad Stadium.

“Arsenal deserve enormous credit for taking the race to the last day. It was possible - but never probable.

“I was interested to hear what City’s Rodri said, when it was all done, about their challenge. ‘Arsenal did an unbelievable season’ he said. Adding ‘the difference was the mentality. When they came here they didn’t want to beat us they just wanted to draw’.

“Exactly as I’ve been saying. That’s where Arsenal lost it. They looked scared to win at The Etihad. And they could’ve won it. They were the better team on the day. Mental strength is what separates winners and losers. City are never afraid.”