Ricky Hatton hits back at criticism over raunchy fancy dress

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Hatton's outfit raised eyebrows in Benidorm
Hatton's outfit raised eyebrows in Benidorm (Twitter: @HitmanHatton)

Former boxing star Ricky Hatton has hit back after causing something of a stir with a lewd outfit while on holiday.

The ex-welterweight and light welterweight champion was pictured at a fancy dress party in Benidorm dressed as a horse rider with an oversized comedy penis attached to the front, playing on the term “k***-jockey”.

After the snap was posted to Facebook, the Mirror reports that some people found the outfit to be inappropriate for the family friendly destination.

However, Hatton, 41, took to twitter to clarify that he was attending a strictly adult-themed event and children wouldn’t have been around to see the costume.

“Simply a joke the stick I’ve got for my costume at the festival weekend in Benidorm?” he wrote. “The festival weekend there isn’t a child in site(sic) & if you take your child to the weekend you need to have a serious look at yourself. It’s not for kids.

“You have sticky Vicky, sexy Barbara and all things going on such as that and i’m getting grief for what I wore? Family weekend??? Papers need to seriously do there(sic) homework before they start printing garbage.”

Hatton, competed between as a professional between 1997 and 2012, finishing his career with an impressive 45-3 record.

Since retiring, Hatton has continued to train other boxers, including Tommy Fury, cousin of heavyweight superstar Tyson.

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