Spain vs Croatia LIVE! Euro 2024 result, match stream and latest updates today

Spain vs Croatia LIVE! Euro 2024 result, match stream and latest updates today

Spain vs Croatia - LIVE!

Spain made a statement in their opening match at Euro 2024, as they eased to a 3-0 win over Croatia in Berlin.

The damage was done inside the first-half, with Alvaro Morata and Fabian Ruiz striking in quick succession, before Dani Carvajal put Spain in total control seconds before the break. Bruno Petkovic thought he had pulled one back late on, scoring from the rebound after his penalty was saved, but that was ruled out due to Ivan Perisic’s encroachment.

It means Luis de la Fuente’s side have already taken a major step towards qualifying from the ‘Group of Death’, with matches against Italy and Albania to come, while Croatia will still believe they can book their place in the last-16 as well, with only eight of the 24 teams exiting in the group-stage.

Spain vs Croatia latest updates

  • NO GOAL! Petkovic denied by VAR

  • GOAL! Carvajal makes it three before half-time

  • GOAL! Ruiz doubles lead for Spain

  • GOAL! Morata fires Spain into first-half lead

FT: Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:57 , Matt Verri

That’ll do it!

Perfect start for Spain, they beat Croatia in their opening match of the tournament.

Morata, Ruiz and Carvajal with the goals - job done. Italy next up, while Croatia face Albania.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:55 , Matt Verri

90+3 mins: Late corner... will Spain finish this match in style?

Taken short, all the way back and the chance goes. No, would be the answer.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:52 , Matt Verri

90 mins: Spain are trying to pass the life out of this match. Doing a good job of it too.

Five minutes added on. We had about seven minutes of VAR delays, but who cares.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:47 , Matt Verri

85 mins: Bit of a concern for Spain, as Rodri goes down. They really need him to stay fit over the next few weeks.

He’ll come off, Zubimendi introduced. Carvajal the latest man to get the armband.

Yamal also replaced, as Torres comes on.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:44 , Matt Verri

82 mins: That would have given Croatia a bit of hope. As it is, Spain are back to cruising towards the finish line.

Rodri can be grateful that was just a yellow card, he didn’t make any effort to play the ball.


18:43 , Matt Verri

Another VAR check, because we love them so much.

Wow - the goal is ruled out! They’ve decided Perisic was in the box as Petkovic took the penalty, so the goal is chalked off.

3-0 Spain it is.

GOAL! Spain 3-1 Croatia | Bruno Petkovic 80'

18:41 , Matt Verri

Croatia back in it?

Petkovic’s penalty is saved, but Perisic is on hand to pull the rebound back to Petkovic, and he can’t miss this time.


18:39 , Matt Verri

Well then.

Petkovic is about to roll the ball into an empty net, gets dragged down by Rodri.

All came from Simon getting caught on the ball.

Just a yellow card.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:36 , Matt Verri

74 mins: Olmo keen to make an impact, tries his luck from distance. Deflected and never causing any problems.

Spanish attack has lost some threat since Williams went off, his pace down the left was a big issue for Croatia.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:33 , Matt Verri

71 mins: All fairly flat in Berlin. Croatian fans have gone quiet, both sides would probably be happy enough to end the match here.

Croatia threaten to drive into the area, but Rodri is, as ever, on the scene to nod the ball back to Simon.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:29 , Matt Verri

67 mins: Finally those Spanish changes to take place.

Oyarzabal and Merino on, as Williams and Morata are replaced for the final 25 minutes or so.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:27 , Matt Verri

65 mins: Morata down, Spain have no interest in kicking it out though.

Yamal sees space and tries to go all by himself, very nearly doing so. Crowded out eventually.

Morata gets up, gets the ball and boots it out himself. Armband given to Rodri, he’s coming off.

Modric and Kovacic off for Croatia, as Pasalic and Susic come on.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:24 , Matt Verri

63 mins: Bit of a lull in the match. Spain know the job is pretty much done, Croatia happy enough to avoid further punishment.

Have to say Cucurella has been brilliant so far. Rock solid at the back, getting forward well to support Williams.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:22 , Matt Verri

60 mins: Olmo on for Spain, replacing Pedri.

Spain continue to try and take advantage of the space in behind. Yamal and Williams both so quick, they are catching up with everything.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:19 , Matt Verri

58 mins: Spain take a free-kick quickly, but Michael Oliver pulls it back just as Carvajal gets a shot away. Too quick for his liking.

Imagine Yamal will try his luck, about 30 yards out. He does... straight into the wall.

He is human.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:17 , Matt Verri

55 mins: SENSATIONAL from Cucurella!

Croatia have about six chances in ten seconds, Spain somehow survive.

Big one falls to Stanisic at the far post, has to score but Cucurella throws himself in the way on the line to block.

Budimir now off, Perisic on to replace him.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:15 , Matt Verri

53 mins: Brozovic tries to pass it back to Livakovic, instead boots it straight out for a corner. Not his best.

Yamal drives to the byline, fired across the face of goal and Morata’s touch flicks wide.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:14 , Matt Verri

52 mins: There is so much space for Spain on the counter, more goals in this for them.

Pedri pulled back, but he still pokes the ball through to Yamal. Just the goalkeeper to beat, big save as he tries to curl it into the far corner.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:12 , Matt Verri

51 mins: Modric gets Croatia away on the attack, ball comes back to Gvardiol and his effort is blocked.

That’s all it takes to get the fans going again - one goal back and they will start believing.

Spain 3-0 Croatia

18:09 , Matt Verri

48 mins: Terrible from Spain, waste a brilliant chance to counter.

Morata opts not to play in Williams, plays it wide instead. Three in a red shirt waiting at the back post - Ruiz turns back and loses it.

Back underway!

18:06 , Matt Verri

Here we go again.

Croatia need something miraculous.

Croatia ruthlessly punished

17:59 , Matt Verri

Croatia barely had a kick in the opening minutes, but they finished the half with 57% possession.

They were right in the match, but Spain had three decent attacks and scored from all of them.

Clinical not really a word used to describe Spain in recent tournaments - ominous signs.

Spain in charge

17:54 , Matt Verri

Here is that third goal.

Brilliant ball from Yamal, Carvajal makes the run and that touch gives the goalkeeper no touch.

Croatia’s task was a very difficult one - it’s now nearly an impossible one.

HT: Spain 3-0 Croatia

17:50 , Matt Verri

That was near enough the final touch of the half.

Spain are absolutely flying at the break, despite Croatia arguably being on top for a decent chunk of those 45 minutes.

Goals from Morata, Ruiz and Carvajal.


GOAL! Spain 3-0 Croatia | Dani Carvajal 45+2'

17:49 , Matt Verri

Game over?

Yamal whips in the cross, Carvajal is there in the middle to turn it home from close range.

What a half for Spain!

Spain 2-0 Croatia

17:46 , Matt Verri

44 mins: Kramaric gets bored and tries his luck from about 35 yards out.

Simon without a care in the world as he watches that flash wide. Knew that was never troubling him.

Spain 2-0 Croatia

17:43 , Matt Verri

41 mins: Just wide!

Croatia inches away from pulling one back. Majer fires the ball in, Gvardiol’s effort flies across the face of goal and it very nearly finds the far corner.

Simon let his through his hands - no damage in the end.

Spain 2-0 Croatia

17:41 , Matt Verri

39 mins: Bit of a pause in play, after Pedri has the ball booted into his face from close-range. He’s going to be fine to continue.

More importantly, the TV coverage uses the opportunity to zoom in on the referee, Michael Oliver. He has his name in small text on the back of his shirt. That needs to be stopped. Now.

Spain 2-0 Croatia

17:39 , Matt Verri

37 mins: Flowing football now from Spain, Croatia have been rattled by those goals.

Morata wide to Cucurella, who blasts the ball wide and in the process throws himself to the floor, appealing for a penalty.

Not happening.

Spain 2-0 Croatia

17:35 , Matt Verri

33 mins: Into the side-netting!

Well this match has burst into life. Brozovic’s effort is parried out to Majer, tight angle and he can only smash a shot off target.

GOAL! Spain 2-0 Croatia | Fabian Ruiz 32'

17:34 , Matt Verri


Spain completely in control now.

All comes from Yamal driving into the box, he’s briefly slowed down but he plays the ball inside.

Comes to Ruiz, chops into the box and it’s a brilliant finish into the bottom corner.

Spain 1-0 Croatia

17:32 , Matt Verri

31 mins: So much space through the middle of the pitch for Spain there, and they ruthlessly took advantage.

Croatia look to immediately respond, as Kovacic is allowed to basically walk into the box. Simon down well to save.

GOAL! Spain 1-0 Croatia | Alvaro Morata 29'

17:30 , Matt Verri


Croatia well on top, really, but it’s Spain who take the lead!

Space after Rodri lays the ball off, it’s played through the middle and Morata is clean through on goal.

Onto his left foot, rolled into the bottom corner.

Spain 0-0 Croatia

17:26 , Matt Verri

24 mins: Spain have dropped right off in this match.

They were completely dominant early on, constant pressure and kept winning the ball back high up the pitch.

Struggling to get a kick now - Croatia gaining in confidence by the second.

Spain 0-0 Croatia

17:23 , Matt Verri

21 mins: Sharp goalkeeping from Simon.

Croatia keeping the ball really well, very nearly open up Spain as the ball is played in behind. Goalkeeper saw it coming, though, and charged off his line to claim.

Spain 0-0 Croatia

17:19 , Matt Verri

18 mins: Better spell for Croatia, keeping the ball and starting to offer a threat. And now they have a free-kick, as Cucurella comes in clumsily.

Huge number of Croatian fans inside the stadium and they have come alive again. Modric to whip this in.

Or not, he leaves it for Majer. Poor ball in and cleared. Modric might want to have a go next time.

Spain 0-0 Croatia

17:16 , Matt Verri

15 mins: Cucurella wins the ball back and Spain are away, as Yamal drives into the box.

Wants to cut onto that left foot, Croatia don’t let him and the scuffed effort bobbles wide. The teenager has been really sharp, though. Confident start from the SIXTEEN year-old.

Spain 0-0 Croatia

17:15 , Matt Verri

13 mins: Croatia’s first spell of decent possession - they have really needed this. Not going anywhere, but it’s at least slowed the Spanish charge.

So much experience in this Croatian side, there won’t be any panic this evening, whatever happens.

Spain 0-0 Croatia

17:12 , Matt Verri

10 mins: Sutalo catches Morata high, free-kick for Spain in a good position. Probably too far out for a shot - Yamal and Williams standing over it.

Williams clips it in... straight out of play.

Spain 0-0 Croatia

17:08 , Matt Verri

7 mins: It’s all Spain, Croatia make a mess of playing out from the back and put themselves under pressure.

Yamal cuts it back to Morata, gets the shot away from the edge of the area. Comfortable save. Croatia haven’t got going.

Spain 0-0 Croatia

17:06 , Matt Verri

5 mins: Ruiz very, very nearly squeezes a ball through four Croatian defenders.

Brilliantly disguised - maybe too much. Pedri wasn’t expecting to be picked out in the box.

Spain 0-0 Croatia

17:04 , Matt Verri

2 mins: You will not be stunned to hear Spain are dominating possession in the early stages.

Croatia happy enough to sit off and let those in red have it. Solid enough in their shape, they will look for their moments on the break.


17:01 , Matt Verri

We’re underway in Berlin!

Here we go!

16:56 , Matt Verri

Teams are out onto the pitch.

Would say Croatia have the edge in the stands, their fans have travelled in big, big numbers.

We’ll see if Spain keeping the ball for about ten minutes at a time kills the mood.

Fast start crucial

16:54 , Matt Verri

Teams are in the tunnel.

We’ve already seen at this tournament that you need to make a good start.

Scotland were blown away by Germany in the early stages, while Hungary failed to get going early on against Switzerland.

Got to get out of the blocks.

Not long now!

16:47 , Matt Verri

Kick-off coming up in just under 15 minutes.

Here’s a look at this evening’s venue - the Olympiastadion is a bit louder right now than this video would have you believe.

Modric: Yamal is Spain's great danger

16:38 , Matt Verri

There’s no doubt who Luka Modric see as Spain’s big threat.

The 38-year-old, with 175 caps to his name, has urged his Croatia team-mates to be wary of Lamine Yamal, who starts at the age of 16.

“I feel very old when I hear about him,” Modric said.

“The years don’t matter, what matters is what’s shown on the pitch. His potential is enormous, we’ve all seen it.

“He’s has done incredible things this season and everyone sees him as Spain’s great danger.”

More of the same?

16:27 , Matt Verri

It was an absolute thriller when these sides met at Euro 2020.

Just the eight goals in that last-16 clash. Croatia scored twice late on to force extra-time at 3-3, but Spain got the job done with a 5-3 victory.

Any repeat here would be much appreciated.

Gvardiol vs Yamal a key battle

16:20 , Matt Verri

Croatia boss Zlatko Dalic has opted for Josko Gvardiol at left-back, as he suggested he would.

Man City man will be tasked with keeping teenager Lamine Yamal quiet - no easy task.

"Josko has had a really good season at Man City, he's one of our key players," said Dalic.

"He's capable of stopping any attacker on the Spain team, he's got it all. I hope he will stop Pedri, Yamal and all the others."


In the building...

16:13 , Matt Verri

The Spanish side have arrived at the Olympiastadion.

Tough to know what to expect from Spain at this tournament. They’re going slightly under the radar, probably because of how difficult the group is.

If they can top it, though, there is every chance a really deep run is on the cards.

Experienced side!

16:06 , Matt Verri

That midfield once again rolled out for Croatia.

It’s Budimir who gets the nod to lead the line, having impressed in the friendly win over Portugal, with Majer and Kramaric either side.

Other main bit of team news is that Gvardiol starts at left-back, rather than in the middle. Means Sosa has to settle for a place on the bench.

Croatia team news

15:58 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Livakovic, Stanisic, Sutalo, Pongracic, Gvardiol, Brozovic, Modric, Kovacic, Majer, Kramaric, Budimir

Subs: Labrovic, Ivusic, Erlic, Vlasic, Perisic, Mario, Pasalic, Petkovic, Ivanusec, Sosa, Pjaca, Vida, Juranovic, Pasalic, Sucic, Baturina

Spain team news

15:53 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Simon, Carvajal, Le Normand, Nacho, Cucurella, Rodri, Ruiz, Pedri, Yamal, Williams, Morata

Subs: Raya, Vivian, Moreno, Joselu, Olmo, Ferran, Grimaldo, Remiro, Laporte, Baena, Zubimendi, Oyarzabal, Navas, Fermin, Ayoze

Croatia team coming up...

15:48 , Matt Verri

No team news yet from the Croatian camp.

We can assume it’s Brozovic, Kovacic and Modric in the midfield, as it has been since the beginning of time.

All will soon be revealed.

Yamal breaks record

15:39 , Matt Verri

Lamine Yamal has become the youngest-ever player to appear at a European Championship, as he starts for Spain against Croatia.

The 16-year-old starts on the right wing in his country’s first group game, having become a key player for Spain since scoring on debut in September.

Yamal made his Barcelona debut at 15 and featured heavily for the Catalans last season.

The teenager breaks the record set at Euro 2020 by Poland's Kacper Kozlowski, who was 17 years and 246 days when he came on against Spain.


Atmosphere building...

15:26 , Matt Verri

Not quite the Tartan Army, but the Croatian fans have travelled in numbers.

The trains are arriving in Berlin, as the fans start to arrive with just over an hour and a half to go until kick-off!

Only captains can speak to referees

15:19 , Matt Verri

UEFA have informed players and coaches that only the captain, or a designated outfield player if the skipper is a goalkeeper, will be allowed to speak to the referee on the pitch.

Other players must keep their distance and will be booked if they surround officials when contesting decisions.

Referees have been told to have more open dialogue with captains around why decisions are made as part of the new guidance, which is designed to clamp down on dissent and improve the image of the game.

Changes for Euro 2024

15:13 , Matt Verri

100-minute matches unlikely

Officials at Euro 2024 will not look to enforce the same stoppage-time rules that were in place for the Premier League last season and the 2022 World Cup.

For those games, referees were instructed to add on the exact time that was lost to events such as goal celebrations and substitutions, which resulted in matches lasting more than 100 minutes on average.

UEFA are planning to stick with the approach it used for Champions League games last season, where the focus for referees was to speed up the restart of play instead of adding more stoppage time.

So far at the Euros...

15:05 , Matt Verri

Germany got the tournament up and running last night with a dominant showing, hammering ten-man Scotland 5-1 to make a statement on opening night.

The other match in Group A, between Hungary and Switzerland, is currently taking place. Switzerland hold a 2-0 lead at half-time.

Focus then shifts to Group B, with this match followed by Italy vs Albania later tonight.


Standard Sport prediction

14:56 , Matt Verri

There’s rightly a lot of excitement about Spain but Croatia are so well-versed in major tournaments that it’s almost impossible to pick a winner.

Defeat would leave either side on the back-foot immediately - both could be happy enough with a point.

Draw, 1-1.

Croatia team news

14:49 , Matt Verri

As for Croatia, they are set to once again put their trust in the familiar midfield of Marcelo Brozovic, Mateo Kovacic and Luka Modric.

Ivan Perisic recovered from an ACL injury to return in the final weeks of the season for Hajduk Split but may not yet be fully fit ahead of the tournament.

Bruno Petkovic is the favourite to lead the line, but Ante Budimir pushed his case when starting and scoring in a recent friendly against Portugal, and Andrej Kramaric is capable of playing across the front three.There is a decision to make over Josko Gvardol’s position. He has shone for Man City at left-back, but could start in central defence for his country, with Borna Sosa potentially coming in at full-back if he does.

Predicted Croatia XI: Livakovic; Stanisic, Vida, Gvardiol, Sosa; Brozovic, Kovacic, Modric; Kramaric, Petkovic, Perisic

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Spain team news

14:42 , Matt Verri

Lamine Yamal will today make history as Spain begin their Euro 2024 campaign.

Poland's Kacper Kozlowski currently holds the record as the youngest player to appear at the tournament (17 years and 246 days), but that will be broken if Yamal features this evening, when the Barcelona star will be only 16 years and 338 days old.

Yamal is already Spain’s youngest-ever player and should have another record to his name tonight, as he is in line to start on the right wing in the Group B opener.

Nico Williams will likely be picked on the other flank, with captain Alvaro Morata through the middle. Rodri will sit at the base of the Spanish midfield, after another stellar campaign for Manchester City.

It is expected that David Raya will have to settle for a place on the bench, as Unai Simon starts in goal, while there are plenty of options in defence. Robin Le Normand is set to start, and Aymeric Laporte could get the nod over Nacho to partner him.

Predicted Spain XI: Simon; Carvajal, Le Normand, Laporte, Grimaldo; Rodri, Ruiz; Olmo, Yamal, Williams; Morata


How to watch Spain vs Croatia

14:35 , Matt Verri

TV channel: The game will be broadcast live and free-to-air in the UK on ITV 1 and STV, with coverage starting at 4:15pm BST ahead of a 5pm kick-off in Berlin.

Live stream: ITVX and the STV Player (both free with a subscription) will offer a live stream service to fans online.

LIVE coverage: Follow all the action right here with us!

Good afternoon!

14:29 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Spain vs Croatia!

It’s the third match of Euro 2024 and the first heavyweight clash of the tournament, as the ‘Group of Death’ gets up and running. Italy and Albania also in Group B - real battle for a top-two finish.

We’ll have all the latest updates, build-up and team news ahead of this opening clash, with kick-off at 5pm BST from the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)