Sports quiz of the week: Masters, money, mud, monikers and main courses

<span>Rickie Fowler, Rachel Daly, and Jalen Hurts.</span><span>Composite: Getty Images</span>
Rickie Fowler, Rachel Daly, and Jalen Hurts.Composite: Getty Images
  1. As usual, Masters week at Augusta kicked off with the Champions Dinner. The two options for the main course this year were Basque ribeye with Tudela lettuce and piquillo pepper, and turbot with Navarra white asparagus. Who chose the menu?

    1. Sergio García

    2. Scottie Scheffler

    3. Jon Rahm

    4. Max Homa

  2. Rickie Fowler won the par-three tournament at the Masters this week. Who was the last golfer to win the par-three contest and the Masters in the same year?

    1. Tom Watson

    2. Jack Nicklaus

    3. Gary Player

    4. No one has ever done it

  3. Which two golfers hold the course record at Augusta, having both hit a nine-under-par 63 during the Masters?

    1. Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson

    2. Nick Price and Greg Norman

    3. Nick Faldo and Jack Nicklaus

    4. Cameron Smith and Jean van de Velde

  4. Leicester City are top of the Championship. They have won the English second tier title seven times in their history, a record they share with which club?

    1. Norwich City

    2. Fulham

    3. Manchester City

    4. Sunderland

  5. A row has been brewing in Scottish football, where Rangers have accused Dundee of “negligence”, “unprofessionalism” and “ repeatedly breaching rules”. Why?

    1. The Dundee TikTok account has spent all week posting videos of Rangers players scoring own goals

    2. Dundee have had 15 players sent off in their last 10 games against Rangers

    3. Dundee have postponed a match with Rangers twice due to a waterlogged pitch

    4. Rangers claim that Dundee keep turning off the hot water in their changing room during their post-match showers

  6. Joe Kinnear, who died this week at the age of 77, picked up a nickname during his managerial career that referenced which US president?

    1. George Washington

    2. Herbert Hoover

    3. John F Kennedy

    4. Richard Nixon

  7. London Lions made history this week by beating Besiktas in a final and becoming the first British team to win a European trophy in which sport?

    1. Ice hockey

    2. Basketball

    3. Handball

    4. Volleyball

  8. The England player Rachel Daly has retired from international football. Where has she spent most of her club career?

    1. Manchester United

    2. LA Galaxy

    3. Bristol City

    4. Houston Dash

  9. For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, gold medalists in track and field events will be paid prize money in Paris this summer. How much will each winner be paid?

    1. $1,900

    2. $2,024

    3. $50,000

    4. $1m

  10. All 18 teams in the County Championship were in action in the first weekend of the season. Who were the only team to win their match?

    1. Essex

    2. Surrey

    3. Kent

    4. Lancashire

  11. Which Premier League team has lost more games than they have won this season – and for each of the last 10 seasons – but they have not been relegated in that time and are not in the relegation zone at the minute?

    1. Everton

    2. Crystal Palace

    3. Wolves

    4. West Ham

  12. The new NFL season will begin with a match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Green Bay Packers at the Arena Corinthians in São Paulo. Why might this fixture prove tricky for the organisers?

    1. Brazil’s presidential election takes place that day

    2. Both teams play in green – a colour that is effectively outlawed by Corinthians fans due to its association with rival club Palmeiras

    3. The pitch at the Arena Corinthians is just 90 yards long – 10 yards short for the NFL

    4. The groundstaff say the aisles are too narrow for hotdog vendors

  13. Which fighter appeared at UFC 100 in 2009, and UFC 200 in 2016, and will be competing at UFC 300 on Saturday night?

    1. Dan Miller

    2. Charles Oliveira

    3. Jim Miller

    4. Conor McGregor

  14. How many horses are competing in the Grand National this Saturday?

    1. 25

    2. 34

    3. 40

    4. 61

  15. What percentage of the horses that started the race last year finished it?

    1. 25%

    2. 42.5%

    3. 66%

    4. 80%


1:C - The previous year’s winner always chooses the menu., 2:D - Fowler, true to form, had a disastrous first round, carding a four-over 76., 3:B - Funnily enough, neither player has won the Masters., 4:C - Norwich City, Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland have won it five times each., 5:C - The Rangers manager Philippe Clement said his team were willing to play the game "on Mars" if needed., 6:C - “JFK.” No prizes for guessing what the middle letter stood for., 7:B - They won an entertaining final 149-145 on aggregate., 8:D - Daly started out at Leeds United before making the move to the US. She is now playing for Aston Villa., 9:C - The World Athletics president Seb Coe announced the plan award prize money, arguing that the Olympics generates revenue and some of that should be shared among athletes. “While it is impossible to put a marketable value on winning an Olympic medal, or on the commitment and focus it takes to even represent your country at an Olympic Games, I think it is important we start somewhere and make sure some of the revenues generated by our athletes at the Olympic Games are directly returned to those who make the Games the global spectacle that it is,” said Coe., 10:A - Nottinghamshire were the only team to lose., 11:B - Winning is overrated., 12:B - Corinthians take the ban very seriously. In 2021, the club fined their striker Jo for wearing green boots. Jo later said the boots were actually “turquoise blue”, adding: “I would never use green boots because of my history with Corinthians, a club I have loved since I was little. I would never disrespect Corinthians, much less the fans. I have always honoured this shirt and I always will honour it.”, 13:C - The 40-year-old holds the records for the most fights (43) and most victories (23) in the sport., 14:B - The number of runners has been cut from 40 to 34 due to safety concerns., 15:B - Rarely do half of the runners and riders reach the finish line. In 1928, just two of the 42 runners completed the race – and one of them was remounted.


  1. 1 and above.

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  5. 5 and above.

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  7. 7 and above.

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  8. 8 and above.

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  9. 9 and above.

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  10. 10 and above.

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