The story of Paul Gascoigne, Spurs' famous cockerel and an air rifle

Paul Gascoigne is said to have dented the cockerel with an air rifle
Paul Gascoigne is said to have dented the cockerel with an air rifle

Tottenham have confirmed that their famous golden cockerel will be a fixture in the new stadium – and also revealed why it is was dented in the first place

The cockerel first appeared in 1909 and has been in place in the club’s offices throughout the redevelopment of White Hart Lane.

While that version won’t be in place in the stadium, a much larger replica has been made complete with all the bumps and scratches that made the old one what it was. It will be placed atop of the new structure.

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Stories of how the bumps came about have varied, with some people saying they are from the blitz during WW2 and others claiming Paul Gascoigne was responsible.

Spurs historian John Fennelly has confirmed that the maverick midfielder was indeed at fault, saying the English international caused the damage with an air rifle!

“The Cockerel was falling apart. It was dented and in pretty poor condition,” he told Spurs’ official website.

“The story was the dents had been caused in the Blitz. But the truth was the damage was done by Gazza — with an air rifle.

“He tried to deny it but he’d been spotted.”