Thierry Henry has priceless reaction to Jamie Carragher’s chaotic Jadon Sancho interview

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry likely embodied a number of people on Wednesday evening upon watching Jamie Carragher's interview with Jadon Sancho.

The Manchester United loanee delivered a top draw performance for Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League semi-final first leg victory over Paris Saint-Germain. The result also dealt a significant blow to England's coefficient ranking, which was severe enough to confirm only four Champions League places will be awarded for the 2024/25 campaign.

As such, Aston Villa and Tottenham will be competing for the final spot with Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool guaranteed to be in next season's competition. However, despite no English side advancing beyond the quarter-finals, the current campaign's tournament is still ongoing with the other semi-final between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid level after the first leg.

Even though all English teams have already been knocked out, the Three Lions could yet have two representatives in the Champions League final in the form of Harry Kane and Sancho. Following on from his impressive display, Sancho was thrust back into the spotlight for an interview with Carragher and Peter Schmeichel for CBS Sports.

To receive the full experience of watching Dortmund, Carragher watched the action as part of the famous yellow wall, and it very clear he had enjoyed himself. During the chat with Sancho about his performance and England hopes, Carragher would regularly put his arm around the winger, appearing overly-friendly while also slurring some of his words.

While many would have found the conversation rather funny, Henry was certainly not one of those as he was pictured with his head in his hand through embarrassment.

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Thierry Henry via CBS Sports
Thierry Henry via CBS Sports

Away from the hilarious antics often on display at CBS Sports, Henry delivered an emotional and honest verdict on Sancho and how mental health can impact footballers.

"We all know that he has struggled mentally, also at Man United," he said on CBS Sports. "When you're not well here *points to head* you cannot perform, I don't care where you are, who you are or the talent you have. You can see that things are better over there [in Germany] because to do what he did tonight...

"I think at United he played 48 games and dribbled past a player seven times, he almost did that in the first half only tonight, in fact I've just been told the first 10 minutes. All I can say is do not underestimate that, mental health is not an easy thing [to deal with]. When someone is well, you can perform."

Asked if the relationship with the coach can have an impact, he said: "Yes, you need to feel the love. You need to feel you're important and you can't just lose your football [ability], like that. It happened to me sometimes and more often than not we are critical of the guys that don't perform because you're at a big club and we forget about what's happening off the field.

"This is why it was an amazing choice for him to go back there as it was somewhere where the light wasn't going to be so bright. He needed to go back to just playing games, get minutes in his legs and when that happens the balance is right and you're ok mentally, you can perform."

Even though Arsenal have Bukayo Saka in his favoured position, Henry may have done enough to endorse his former club into potentially signing Sancho. Mikel Arteta is already close to completing one redemption project in Kai Havertz with the Germany international back to his best after a disappointing spell at Chelsea and the Arsenal boss may feel tempted to go after Sancho upon seeing his display at the highest level.