TNT Sports sends cheeky response to Jürgen Klopp after Liverpool boss' angry rant

Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp
Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp -Credit:Getty Images

TNT Sports couldn't help but cheekily respond to Jürgen Klopp's heated comments about their scheduling. The Liverpool manager has been vocal in his criticism of TNT, previously BT Sport, for frequently slotting Liverpool into the 12:30pm kick-offs, which he believes doesn't give players enough recovery time.

The Reds have topped the charts with 37 early Saturday kick-offs since the 2017/18 season, more than any other Premier League team, with Tottenham following at 32 and Manchester City at 30. Both Chelsea and Manchester United have had 27 such starts.

As Klopp gets ready to hang up his Premier League hat, one thing he'll be glad to see the back of is TNT Sports' fixture planning. He's even pledged to completely avoid the channel once he departs from Liverpool at the end of the season.

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Klopp expressed his frustration, recounting a recent conversation with the broadcaster: "I had a discussion only the other day with colleagues from our favourite TV channel which I will definitely not watch again, TNT, and said it's always a conversation they have, saying they pay you, they give money to football," the German remarked.

"That they dare give Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday 12.30 is a crime. I was actually waiting for Amnesty International to go to them."

Klopp ended his tirade on a lighter note, saying: "But they are still happy and they like subscribers. You can take me off that list! But if you're looking for a pundit, I speak English! I could do it!"

TNT responded to Klopp's comments with a humorous post on their official X account. They created a mock application form for Klopp as a pundit, ticking boxes for ' Champions League winner', 'Premier League winner', and 'multilingual'.

The only box left unticked was 'available to work 12:30pm on Saturdays', suggesting they've taken Klopp's frustrations about their scheduling choices in good humor. says: Well, at least they've taken it in good spirit. It would certainly be interesting to see Klopp as a pundit on TNT Sports. Any regular viewer of the British broadcaster knows he would almost certainly be an upgrade on their usual offerings...

You wonder if Klopp's rant on TNT is a sign of what's to come in his final weeks. Who knows, we might see him settling a few more grudges before he departs.

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