Triple Arsenal title boost hope remains as Man City face unlikely Premier League challenge

Arsenal have three more chances for Manchester City to slip up

It is incredibly disheartening after watching one of the most dominant Arsenal performances to secure an important three points and leave only two games to go for your main rivals to ease, or rather, romp to victory immediately after. That’s exactly what Manchester City did against Wolves but Liverpool fans might say, ‘Get used to it!’

As the fourth and fifth goals went in at the Etihad Stadium the reality became glaringly clear and suddenly you look back on where points might have been accrued. Be it the injustice of Villa Park, whether the ball did indeed go out of play against Newcastle United and West Ham, or the flukiness of Chelsea’s two goals at Stamford Bridge and Jorginho’s gift against Tottenham.

Yet, when you realise Arsenal have taken 43 of a possible 48 points in 2024, you realise just how vast the challenge is to beat Pep Guardiola and his club. Taking the title race to the last day, which Arsenal will guarantee occurs should they beat Manchester United, would be a greater push for the league than they managed last year.

There remains reason for optimism in the final three matches that City have to play. First comes Fulham, which remains one of the arenas for the most disappointing Arsenal performance of the season.

Yet, the Cottagers still needed to come through on the day and Marco Silva’s side have managed to take five points off the Gunners this season. This giant-humbling of course gives reason to believe they could indeed complete another against City in just under a week’s time – that said it’s probably best not to look up how Fulham faired the last time the two met if you’d like to maintain that said optimism.

Then comes… Tottenham. Yes, Arsenal’s title hopes could rest on their bitter North London rivals securing an unlikely result against City in North London.

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Has there ever been a time when the red half of the City has wanted Spurs to avoid defeat more? Probably not, but equally has there ever been a time Tottenham have wanted to see their own side win less? Again, probably not.

Yet, Tottenham remains one of the historically trickiest tests that remains for City. They’ve managed to surrender many points to Spurs despite, prior to this season, having a far comfier time against the Gunners and the hope is they give up just two more.

The last chance is on the final day with West Ham United travelling to the Etihad Stadium. Striker Michail Antonio has already said that he expects the Gunners to win it if it does go all the way to the final fixture.

"If it goes down to the last day, I reckon Arsenal wins it,” he said. “Last game of the season, we [West Ham] have something to play for as well, we’re trying to get into Europe, Man City away."

However, the reality is that the Hammers might not have anything to play for as European qualification looks incredibly unlikely. Still, behind Arsenal, West Ham have taken the most points off ‘Big Six’ sides this season with Wolves, but less said about the latter the better.

They say it is the hope that kills you… but if Man City have taught us anything it is that they simply don’t slip up. There remain reasons for optimism and for now, we shall cling to that.