UFC CEO Dana White ridicules PFL’s Bellator purchase: ‘One sh*tty organization buys another sh*tty organization’

AUSTIN, Texas – Dana White doesn’t seem threatened by the recent merger between rival promotions PFL and Bellator.

The UFC CEO ridiculed PFL’s recent acquisition of Bellator along with its claim that it’s now a co-leader to the UFC in the MMA space.

“It’s f*cking hilarious, but good for them,” White told MMA Junkie at the UFC on ESPN 52 post-fight news conference. “I wish them all the luck in the world.”

Although some see the PFL’s acquisition of Bellator as a promising move to give the UFC competition, White seemed to disagree. He’s not keen on the prospects of the merger succeeding.

“I’ve covered this before; you must’ve not heard it,” White said with mocking undertones. “One sh*tty organization that sells no tickets and nobody watches buys another sh*tty organization that sells no tickets and nobody watches. It sounds like a f*cking winner to me, boy. Right? Woo! Go, guys!”

The PFL in mid-November announced its deal to purchase longtime UFC rival Bellator two days after Bellator 301 in Chicago. Bellator fighters willl be able to fight in the PFL, as well as in Bellator-branded events while the PFL keeps both brands around. and its entire roster last month in an unprecedented move in the MMA industry. The two promotions were constantly battling to claim that No. 2 spot behind the UFC, but now with their merger, they’ve bolstered their roster under one umbrella and practically solidified that standing.

PFL founder Donn Davis is confident the PFL now is in a position to compete with the UFC and said he thinks White is threatened by the move. PFL recently renewed its deal with ESPN, which also is the UFC’s broadcast partner.

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Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie