Video: Is UFC champ Ilia Topuria the sport’s next breakout superstar?

Few fighters have broken through the MMA bubble to become true crossover stars, and Ilia Topuria could be the next one to do it.

Stars such as Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor capitalized on their success inside the octagon to become big stars in other avenues such as movies, advertising, professional wrestling, and more.

Topuria, who just became champion by knocking out Alexander Volkanovski in the UFC 298 main event, could very well be on his way to be the next fighter to do such things.

So far, he’s checked all the boxes. He has an undefeated record, dresses the part, has the look, and gets fans excited with his fighting style and what he says on the microphone. Perhaps most importantly, he has the full support of two countries, Spain and Georgia.

Can he go on a run to become that next big star?

That’s what our “Spinning Back Clique” panel Mike Bohn, Matthew Wells and Brian “Goze” Garcia discussed along with host “Gorgeous” George Garcia.

Check out the conversation in the video above, and check out this week’s full episode below.


Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie