Voices of Sport: The complete collection of the special Yahoo series featuring famous broadcasters

Yahoo Sport’s Nick Metcalfe wrote a special series called Voices of Sport between May 2016 and March 2017. Celebrating broadcasters we’ve enjoyed watching and listening to over the decades, the series took in different eras and a wide variety of sports. Here, you can see all the Voices of Sport  features in one place.

No.1: Brian Moore – The much-loved commentator and gentleman of football

No.2: Richie Benaud – The peerless Australian who was a legendary voice of cricket for generations

No.3: David Vine – The great BBC all-rounder that became synonymous with skiing and snooker

No.4: Barry Davies – One of our all-time favourites and a link from the past to the present

No.5: Murray Walker – The high octane F1 commentator who was a big hit with viewers

No.6: Peter Jones – The brilliant radio commentator who witnessed Heysel and Hillsborough disasters

No.7: Dan Maskell – The gentleman of Wimbledon who became part of the soundtrack to our summers

No.8: Bryon Butler – The timeless broadcaster who described great football moments for decades

No.9: Peter Alliss – Golf’s great one-off who is still going strong in his eighties 

No.10: Christopher Martin-Jenkins – The peerless sound of cricketing authority for decades

No.11: Kenneth Wolstenholme – The BBC man who will forever be remembered for iconic 1966 line

No.12: David Coleman – The legendary presenter and commentator who guided us through 11 Olympics

No.13: Martin Tyler – The Sky commentator at the very centre of the Premier League years

No.14: Des Lynam – The silky smooth presenter with a host of memorable one liners

No.15: Brian Johnston – The cricket commentator who helped to make Test Match Special an institution

No.16: Harry Carpenter – The BBC boxing man who had a special relationship with Frank Bruno

No.17: Mike Ingham – The BBC radio commentator who had great authority and gravitas

No.18: Steve Rider – The unflappable presenter who has guided us through major events for decades

No.19: Eddie Waring – The commentator who became the most famous person in rugby league

No.20: Sir Peter O’Sullevan – The timeless legend of racing who commentated for half a century

No.21: John Motson – The BBC man who has worked on Match of the Day since the 1970s

No.22: Dickie Davies – The man famous for presenting ITV’s much-loved World of Sport

No.23: Bill McLaren – The famous BBC commentator who became synonymous with rugby union

No.24: John Arlott – The poetic cricket commentator who became a radio legend

No.25: Reg Gutteridge – The ITV boxing commentator who became a friend of Muhammad Ali

No.26: Ted Lowe – The snooker commentator who was known to everyone as ‘Whispering Ted’

No.27: Ian Robertson – The BBC rugby man who produced a classic piece of commentary in Sydney

No 28: Alan Weeks – The BBC’s Mr Versatile who described many great Olympic moments

No.29: Sid Waddell – The memorable maverick of the darts commentary box

No.30: John Inverdale – The presenter who has been our companion at major events for decades

No.31: Alan Green – The opinionated commentator who has described some iconic sporting moments

No.32: Ron Pickering – The popular athletics commentator who presented We are the Champions

No.33: Helen Rollason – The first female presenter of Grandstand who later fought brave cancer battle

No.34: Jimmy Hill – The Match of the Day presenter who had a profound influence on football

No.35: Ian Darke – The TV and radio commentator who has witnessed many celebrated moments

No.36: Clive Tyldesley – The football commentator famous for his telling one liners

No.37: Tony Gubba – The BBC’s Mr Versatile who proved to be one of the very best over four decades

No.38: Cliff Morgan – The presenter who produced a magical piece of commentary for the greatest try

No.39: Barker, Balding, Irvine and Oatley – Female broadcasters that reached the very top

No.40: Jim Rosenthal – The presenter of big sporting events on television for decades

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