Watch as riders fight during motorbike race and pick up two-year ban

Tom HomewoodAssistant Producer
Yahoo Sport UK

Extraordinary video has emerged of two riders involved in an altercation as tempers boiled over at the Costa Rica National Motorbike Championship back in February.

The two riders involved were Jorge Martinez and Marion Calvo. 

After a coming together whilst fighting for position, Martinez somehow ended up clinging to the back of Calvo’s bike. Once they came to a stand still, Martinez unleashed his frustration.

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The pair carried on their altercation despite the race continuing around them. Both have picked up two-year suspensions for their part in the bust-up.

The International Motorcycling Federation deciding both men deserved a lengthy ban for their incredible on track fight.

Although the race happened last month, but footage has only just been released after the suspensions were handed out.

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