World Cup 2018: The team by team guide to the 32 countries who have booked their spot in Russia next summer

After a dramatic two weeks of international football, next summer’s World Cup has taken shape. 32 nations have now qualified for next summer's tournament.

The usual suspects have qualified – from Brazil to Germany, England to France – but there are a number of high-profile national sides who have missed out.

Here, we provide a definitive lowdown on the World Cup qualifiers and much more:

Countries that have qualified

A closer look at the qualifying groups


Group A:

  • Qualified: France

  • Play-off spot: Sweden

  • Eliminated: Belarus, Bulgaria, Holland and Luxembourg

Group B:

  • Qualified: Portugal

  • Play-off spot: Switzerland

  • Eliminated: Andorra, Faroe Islands, Hungary and Latvia

Group C:

  • Qualified: Germany

  • Play-off spot: Northern Ireland

  • Eliminated: Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Norway and San Marino

Group D:

  • Qualified: Serbia

  • Play-off spot: Ireland

  • Eliminated: Austria, Georgia, Moldova and Wales

Group E:

  • Qualified: Poland

  • Play-off spot: Denmark

  • Eliminated: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Montenegro and Romania

Group F:

  • Qualified: England

  • Play-off spot: N/A. Slovakia amassed the fewest points out of the nine runners-ups so missed out on the eight.

  • Eliminated: Lithuania, Malta, Scotland, Slovakia and Slovenia

Group G:

  • Qualified: Spain

  • Play-off spot: Italy

  • Eliminated: Albania, Israel, Liechtenstein and Macedonia

Group H:

  • Qualified: Belgium

  • Play-off spot: Greece

  • Eliminated: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Estonia and Gibraltar

Group I:

  • Qualified: Iceland

  • Play-off spot: Croatia

  • Eliminated: Finland, Kosovo, Turkey and Ukraine

Play-off winners

  • Switzerland (seeded) beat Northern Ireland

  • Sweden beat Italy (seeded)

  • Denmark (seeded) beat Republic of Ireland

  • Croatia (seeded) beat Greece

Africa (CAF):

Only Nigeria and Egypt have so far qualified for the World Cup out of the CAF groups. Three more are to follow.

Group A

  • Qualified: Tunisia

  • Eliminated: DR Congo, Libya and Guinea

Group B

  • Qualified: Nigeria

  • Eliminated: Zambia, Cameroon and Algeria

Group C

  • Qualified: Morocco

  • Eliminated: Ivory Coast, Gabon, and Mali

Group D

  • Qualified: Senegal

  • Eliminated: Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, South Africa

Group E

  • Qualified: Egypt

  • Eliminated: Uganda, Ghana and Congo

Asia (AFC):

One winner and one runner-up from each of the two Third Rounds groups qualify for Russia 2018. The third-placed teams play one another to advance to the intercontinental play-off.

Group A

  • Qualified: Iran, South Korea

  • Advance to intercontinental play-off: Syria

  • Eliminated: Uzbekistan, China PR, Qatar.

Group B

  • Qualified: Japan, Saudi Arabia

  • Advance to intercontinental play-off: Australia

  • Eliminated: UAE, Iraq and Thailand

North, Central America and Caribbean (CONCACAF):

Formatted as a Round Robin, the top three sides qualify while fourth-place advances to an intercontinental play-off.

  • Teams: Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, USA

  • Qualified: Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama

  • Advance to intercontinental play-off: Honduras

  • Eliminated: Trinidad and Tobago, USA

Oceania (OFC):

  • Teams: New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea

  • Advance to intercontinental play-off: New Zealand

South America (CONMEBOL):

The top four teams from the 10-man group, formatted in the same way as CONCACAF, qualify for Russia. The fifth-place team advances to the intercontinental play-off.

  • Teams: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

  • Qualified: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay

  • Advance to intercontinental play-off: Peru

  • Eliminated: Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela

Inter-confederation play-off results:

  • Australia (AFC) beat Hondruas (CONCACAF)

  • Peru (CONMEBOL) beat New Zealand (OFC)

When is the World Cup draw?

The final draw for the tournament will be held in Moscow on Friday 1 December.

When is the World Cup?

The 2018 World Cup in Russia will start on 14 June and finish with the final in Moscow on 15 July.

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