X-rated points deduction message sent at Arsenal as Man City win Premier League amid 115 charges

Manchester City players celebrate against West Ham

There was a sense of irony at the Emirates Stadium as Everton fans chanted against the Premier League. It was Arsenal that were left disappointed on the final day of the season with Manchester City crowned champions yet again, but the inquest into some of the background behind the outcome will continue.

Before the match Premier League CEO Richard Masters spoke publicly about his decision to attend Arsenal's game with Everton rather than be at the Etihad Stadium for City's eventual fourth title in a row. His answer will please very few.

Masters is a key figure that often has to front up with plenty of remaining questions over City's ongoing 115 charges case with the league. It's far from the only one he has had to publicly speak about this year but it is now the last one remaining.

The outcome so far for Pep Guardiola's side and those that have gone before - Everton, Nottingham Forest, and soon-to-be Sheffield United and Leicester - has been unsatisfactory to many. Breaches of profitability and sustainability rules (PSRs) have been greeted with points deductions whilst the promise is for more to come as well.

Should City be found guilty of breaking different financial regulations then it could have impacts on the league like never before. After being made to operate under two sets of sporting sanctions, Everton fans certainly believe this is the case.

At the Emirates Stadium on Sunday their message couldn't be any clearer. "You can shove your points deductions up your a**e," they sang from the away end. Earlier in the afternoon it was "Premier League, corrupt as f**k."

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Whether they were aware of Masters or not, the feeling remains. Supporters have vented their frustration at the lack of action towards City and those who have been punished have shown anger at the decision conversely.

Whilst it could easily have been Arsenal supporters hitting back at City being allowed so far to go about business as usual despite the unprecedented charges against them, this time it was Everton taunting the establishment and speaking out from a position of strength.