Young track star goes viral with insane dive over finish line

Coaches always tell runners to sprint through the finish line, but Texas A&M’s Infinite Tucker showed that you can still win with style too.

Competing in the final day of the SEC Championships, Infinite Tucker took home gold in the 400 meter hurdles with one of the most athletic and creative finishes you’ll see.

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Whether he was losing his balance or just hoping to make a lasting impression, Tucker leapt from more than a body length away to narrowly edge teammate Robert Grant by less than a tenth of a second.

“Honestly, I’m glad I got the win and competed against the best,” Tucker said, via the school’s site.

“Me and my teammates all worked hard for this, and I came out with the win. I’m happy and thankful for that.

“The mindset was to score as many points as possible, we wanted to go 1-2-3-4. It really didn’t matter which one of us won first place, we knew if we gave it our all we would be happy with each other.”

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“I’ve told Tucker you can’t get there faster diving, just run through and you’ll be fine,” coach Pat Henry said. “He thought he was a swim team guy today.”

Perhaps the time could have been a shade faster.

Still, he escaped without injuries, and it made the race all the more memorable.

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