USWNT on rain soaked Gold Cup win: 'It's hard to call it a game of soccer'

Alex Morgan, Lindsey Horan and Naomi Girma address the field conditions in San Diego during a downpour in Wednesday's win over Canada in the CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup.

Video transcript

ALEX MORGAN: It's just hard to even call it a game of soccer tonight, especially the first half. You know, your instincts are to dribble, and then you can't dribble. You lose the ball.

Your instincts are not to hit it long when you have shorter options, but we saw from the goal that J scored, which was a great one, that it's anyone's game, and just to put instincts aside, and just really grind this win out.

LINDSAY HORAN: I don't think I've played in a game of football like that ever in my lifetime. But I think after the first 10 minutes, discussing with the referee and Jesse on the other team, there was nothing that we could do about it. And yeah, at the end of the day, it was just doing whatever we possibly could to win the game. And I think you saw every possible thing tonight.

NAOMI GIRMA: Yeah, I think just having to go out and immediately realize that we couldn't pass the ball on the ground, and just adjust completely how we wanted to play-- and I think we did a good job of realizing that very early and not giving them chances because we were trying to play around. But yeah, I think it was hard to play.