Arsenal title boost emerges after Manchester City goal difference reality eases fears

Arsenal fears over Manchester City goal differences eased after latest calculations

After witnessing Arsenal deliver an important 3-0 win over Bournemouth, Saturday afternoon set up a chance for Gunners fans to hope and pray that Wolves would deliver an unlikely result at the Etihad Stadium. However, unsurprisingly, it wasn't to be and Manchester City scored five, closing the points gap again and the goal difference by one.

This has led to many suddenly panicking that the advantage in goals that Arsenal have has come into question with the two and three games each respective side has remaining in this Premier League season. City face Fulham (A) Tottenham (A) and West Ham (H) whilst Arsenal travel to Old Trafford before hosting Everton on the final day.

At present the goal difference is split by just six, which feels close when considering the capabilities of Man City to narrow that gap with an extra game, and looks far more realistic than the calm tone this article's intro might suggest. That said, goal difference will only be relevant should Man City draw one of their three games with them winning the other two, and Arsenal winning their final games also.

Therefore it can be assumed for the goal difference to matter, both City and Arsenal have two games remaining in this context. Should Arsenal win both their remaining games, at the very minimum it will be achieved by a one-goal difference taking their gap over Manchester City to eight.

Therefore, should City draw one of their three games and Arsenal win both of theirs by a maximum margin of one in each, City would need to score by a winning margin of nine goals in the other two clashes. Whilst sounding somewhat complicated the likelihood will be that Arsenal will win against Manchester United and Everton by more than just a one-goal margin meaning that City will need win by a combined double-figure margin to win the league on goal difference.

In short, fans need not worry too greatly about the goal difference with the chances of it winning City the league very slim. Fans should be worrying about the simple need for City to drop points.

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Fulham's Marco Silva has failed to record a win or a draw against Pep Guardiola in 12 attempts. Tottenham are incredibly poor form having lost their last four matches, conceding 13 goals in the process, and West Ham were just battered 5-0 by Chelsea and are likely to have nothing to play for on the final day. The reality is Arsenal will not only need to beat both Man United and Everton but need something of a miracle to fall in their favour in City’s remaining three games.

Suggestions that Arsenal will have 'crumbled' or 'bottled it' should be held back too. Arsenal have so far secured 46 of the last available 51 points, City securing 45 of 51, and their 3-0 win over Bournemouth equalled the 26 league wins of the 2003/04 'Invincibles' season, while matching their record 88 league goal tally from last season.

If Arsenal don't win it, City have simply yet again been better. A painful situation but one not so familiar, especially for Liverpool supporters.