What Brendan Rodgers really meant with Celtic 'have fun' comment that enraged Rangers boss Philippe Clement

Brendan Rodgers' comments about next weekend's Old Firm derby didn't go down too well with Philippe Clement and some have already had their say on it.

But Peter Grant has moved to clear up what he feels the Celtic manager really meant. Following victory over Hearts on Saturday, the Northern Irishman detailed the hard work that was going to go on during the week before he and his team would have "a bit of fun" when hosting their rivals at the weekend.

Rangers boss Philippe Clement didn't like it and accused his counterpart of showing disrespect towards his team by implying they would be enjoying the derby. Hoops hero Chris Sutton felt Rodgers had got under his skin and added more on it today by branding the Belgian 'remarkably petty.'

Grant has now had his say and reckons the Celts boss didn't mean anything negative about Rangers with his comments, merely that matchday is the time for player to enjoy themselves after working hard all week on the preparation.

Speaking on Go Radio, he said: "At first I was surprised at what Brendan said. But I know exactly what he was probably meaning. Many managers used to say to us 'the hardest part of football is during the week'. You work extremely hard during the week and the fun should always be the Saturday.

"So I don't know if Brendan meant it that way. But I was surprised with the comment in that respect because you know football has a habit if punching you in the nose and you don't want to give anybody a lift.

"To be fair it also lets us know that Philippe Clement's been telling us lies because he said he doesn't listen to what's going on across the road! But he's obviously been listening because he heard that and he couldn't wait to say in his press conference.

"I know what he's trying to do, mark it up a little bit. But I can understand. I was surprised by Brendan's comments but when I listened to the context of what he was saying about how hard they're going to have to work and the preparation and then we'll have some fun. All managers I ever had said that's the day you should enjoy, should be having fun. I think that's what Brendan was meaning but you're in Glasgow, you know it's never taken that way, it's meaning you're going to have a fun day against Rangers and I don't think that's necessarily what he meant."