The crazy scoreline Arsenal may need vs Everton to secure Premier League title over Man City

A crazy Emirates final day scoreline could give the Gunners an edge over Manchester City

Arsenal and Manchester City will face off on the final day of the Premier League season from their own grounds as they fight for the title. The Gunners host Everton while Pep Guardiola’s side take on West Ham United at the Etihad Stadium.

Man City have closed the goal difference gap considerably in the last few weeks where it now stands at just three between the two sides. The irony for Arsenal is that they’re hoping for a favour from their north London rivals Tottenham for the goal difference to matter come the final day.

The Premier League has rules in place for the matter of a tie across more than just points and goal difference however on the final day of the season. Goal difference exists so that teams on the same points can be separated but in times where this is also equal the next metric is goals scored.

Manchester City have now scored 91 goals to Arsenal’s 89, edging ahead of them this weekend as they put four past Fulham. Hypothetically, if they were to draw 0-0 with Tottenham on Tuesday night, a result could occur on Sunday which would see points, goal difference and goals scored all level.

Should Manchester City win 4-0 against West Ham, leaving them on 95 goals scored and a goal difference of +62 and Arsenal were to beat Everton 6-5 at the Emirates Stadium they would also have scored 95 goals with a goal difference of +62.

In this crazy and unlikely scenario, the Premier League would need to go to the next deciding factor, head-to-head record. Thankfully for Arsenal, their 1-0 win over City in London and 0-0 draw with them in Manchester would give them the edge in this case.

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If City draw 1-1, or 2-2 and so on with Tottenham, it would require a goal more from both Arsenal and Everton on top of the initial 6-5 result in a 0-0 between Spurs and City for it to reach this outcome. So, 7-6 for a 1-1 and 8-7 for a 2-2 and so on.

Arsenal will not be looked upon for their results against Man City this season if they don’t win the league. Having won and drawn they would have liked to have believed this would send them into the final day with a greater advantage, such as points tally in total.

Sadly, having dropped points in more games outside of the clashes with City, this means they’re still reliant on plenty to fall their way. City have created an environment of needing near-perfection to pick up the league the question is have Arsenal done enough?