Jürgen Klopp has beautiful message for Liverpool fans after pictures of filming went viral

Jürgen Klopp in the center circle at Anfield.
Jürgen Klopp spent some time at Anfield this week, reflecting on his time at Liverpool FC. -Credit:Liverpool FC/Instagram

Pictures of Jürgen Klopp standing alone in the center circle and on The Kop went viral this week as Liverpool FC prepares for life without the German being at the helm. And the video that he was filming has now been released.

Klopp was spotted in the stands at Anfield with a red and white scarf draped around him. During his time at Liverpool, he has barely been given the chance to drink it the stadium without fans but he was able to here during what he called the 'most intense' week of his life.

In an emotional five-minute video that has now been published, Klopp has a message for Liverpool fans. "This is goodbye, then," Klopp begins, before a series of emotional videos and memories are overlaid.

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"I love absolutely everything about this club," he says. "I love everything about the city, I love everything about our supporters, I love the team. After all the years we had together, and after all the time we spent together, and after all the things we through together, the respect grew, the love grew.

"I came as a normal guy, I am still a normal guy, I just don’t live a normal life. I not only feel home, but I am home. I love Anfield. I love Anfield when it’s rocking. We really showed what togetherness can do. It’s difficult to say farewell, but let’s remember the good times. I will, forever. I will never forget you, all of you. And I will miss you like hell."

"I try to explain why the people like me so much," Klopp said during his final press conference on Friday. "I don't understand it properly. We never really disappointed them. The club is special, the club means the world to so many people. Emails, letters, if I answer them all I'm here until 2028. I apologize. I couldn't sort tickets for the last game, there were a lot of requests.

"LFC TV had me read letters yesterday. With one, I burst into tears. Football changes lives, and I know that. We did that. Experience is there to learn from. Keep doing it for the next manager and you will feel the same way. We have very special supporters. The last nine years meant the world to them. I'm happy about that." says: Klopp leaving was always going to be an emotional occasion, but Liverpool does this kind of thing really well. The scenes at Anfield on Sunday are going to be incredible, with plans in place for a brilliant send-off. The Reds could do with beating Wolves to set up what comes next, with a good performance something that Klopp deserves in his final game.