Kylian Mbappe confirms transfer decision after Mikel Arteta Arsenal admission and Chelsea trial

PSG striker Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe has confirmed that he will leave Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the season following seven years at the club. It comes after many seasons of transfer speculation surrounding the Frenchman that has seen him linked to both Chelsea and Arsenal.

Earlier this year Mikel Arteta toyed with the media, saying that his side would need to be "in the conversation" for signing Mbappe. He previously had trials at Chelsea and has been managed by Mauricio Pochettino and Thomas Tuchel in the French capital.

In a video posted online on Friday night, the 25-year-old announced his decision to move from the Parc des Princes, writing "MERCI. [red and blue circle emojis]".

Sitting down to speak publicly about his decision to leave, Mbappe said, "Hi everyone, it's Kylian. I wanted to speak to you. I always said that I would speak to you when the time comes and so I wanted to announce to you all that it's my last year at Paris Saint-Germain.

"I will not extend and the adventure will come to an end in a few weeks. I will play my last game at the Parc des Princes on Saturday. It's a lot of emotions."

Mbappe has been at the centre of mass interest in recent years having made it clear to PSG that he would not be staying at the club until 2025, as had been the plan with his contract extension. Last summer he was isolated away from Luis Enrique ahead of the new season and left out of preparations.

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He is now widely expected to join Real Madrid for free but there have been no shortage of suitors from across the world. When asked about the possibility of signing him in January, Arteta remained ambitious of Arsenal's chances. "Why not?" he said.""If we want to be the best team, we are going to need the best talent and the best players, that is for sure."

As for Chelsea, they have long been linked with him as one of the richest clubs in the world and images of the World Cup winner donning their shirt from the early 2010s. He was pictured with Didier Drogba and even played a game for one of their academy sides.

“I played up front, but I don’t think I scored,” he said to FourFourTwo, recounting his brief stay at Cobham. “It was great — it was my first experience abroad and a chance for me to see what the game was like in England.”

Continuing to explain his decision to depart PSG, Mbappe said: "Many years I had the chance and the great honour to be a member of the biggest French club and one of the biggest in the world, which allowed me to arrive here, to have my first experience in a club with a lot of pressure, to grow as a player of course by being along some of the best in history, some of the greatest champions, to meet a lot of people, to grow as a man as well.

"With all the glory and the mistakes I've made. First of all I want to thank the teammates, all of the teammates I've had. All the coaches: Unai Emery, Thomas Tuchel, Mauricio Pochettino, Christophe Galtier and Luis Enrique. The sports directors Leonardo and Luis Campos for always accompanying me. All of the staff members at the club, those nobody sees, the folks in the shadows.

"Whether it's the physios, the intendants, the performance team, all the office staff members, the ones at campus, everybody. All these incredible people who give everything to the club and they deserve to have this recognition.

"Despite everything that can happen on the outside, all this media hype that surrounds the club sometimes, there are some real club lovers who want to protect and make it shine and it's great and I know that with all these people this club is in great hands.

"It's hard, it's hard, and I never thought it would be this difficult to announce that, to leave my country, the Ligue 1, a championship I have always known. But I think I needed this a new challenge after seven years. It's difficult and of course there are some people that I want to thank above all.

"These are the fans. I know I'm not the most demonstrative player. I haven't always lived up to the love you all gave me for seven years but I never wanted to cheat. I have always wanted to be effective.

"PSG is a club that never leaves anyone indifferent. We can love it or hate it. I made the choice of loving it and I did for seven years. With ups and downs, of course, but I do not regret any moment signing with this prestigious club.

"It's a club that I will keep in my memory my entire lie. I will tell everybody my whole life that I had the chance to play here. And I won't be a player anymore but I will continue to watch every game because it's a club that I will always be interested in and I will always closely follow up its news.

"It was me with my qualities and defects but I tried to give my best version of myself during those seven years. But beforehand I want to say thank you because without you all I would never have experienced half of the emotions I felt. And just for that I am grateful for life.

"Thank you all. I hope we finish this year with a last trophy. We are going to have good moments for what's left and believe that you will remain in my heart forever. Goodbye."