Serie A chief apologises for 'inappropriate' anti-racism artwork

An Italian football chief has apologised for the ‘inappropriate’ artwork which was meant to illustrate an anti-racism campaign.

Luigi De Siervo, the chief executive of Serie A, made the statement after the artwork, which featured monkey faces, received heavy backlash.

It follows comments from De Siervo which originally defended the artwork.

The Italian league was heavily criticised by the Fare anti-discrimination network and by its own clubs, with AC Milan the latest to voice their unhappiness.

The paintings had been intended to ‘spread the values of integration, multiculturalism and brotherhood’ and were set to be on permanent display at the entrance to the Serie A headquarters in Milan.

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On Tuesday, De Siervo accepted the campaign choice had not made the intended impact.

“I express sincere apologies for the artwork that was presented yesterday, I realised it was inappropriate,” De Siervo said in a statement from Serie A sent to the PA news agency.

“What cannot be questioned is the strong and constant condemnation by Serie A against all forms of discrimination and racism, and we are committed to eradicate this from our beloved league.

“The league is working on its official anti-racism campaign, which cannot be identified with Simone Fugazzotto’s work, and will be presented by the end of February.”

The Rossoneri had earlier issued a strongly-worded club statement on the club’s official Twitter account in regards to the paintings, which read: “Art can be powerful, but we strongly disagree with the use of monkeys as images in the fight against racism and were surprised by the total lack of consultation.”

Italian football has been blighted by monkey chants and other incidents of racist abuse this season.

Fare said on Twitter: “Once again Italian football leaves the world speechless.

“In a country in which the authorities fail to deal with racism week after week #SerieA have launched a campaign that looks like a sick joke.”

Roma also tweeted a statement expressing surprise at the league’s approach.

“AS Roma was very surprised to see what appears to be an anti-racist campaign from Serie A featuring painted monkeys on social media today,” read the tweet on Monday.

“We understand the league wants to tackle racism but we don’t believe this is the right way to do it.”

Two weeks ago Italian paper Corrierre dello Sport was criticised for using the headline ‘Black Friday’ on its front page alongside images of Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku and Roma’s Chris Smalling.

The former Manchester United team-mates were due to go up against each other for their new clubs the following day.

Lukaku himself and Brescia forward Mario Balotelli are among those to make allegations of being racially abused by supporters during games this season.

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