When footballers go REALLY bad! The best and worst player vs fan clashes

Bad blood: Marseille’s Patrice Evra, centre right, attacking one of his club’s own fans last night

Patrice Evra truly lost it on Thursday night. Whatever the reason for his attack on his own club’s supporter, the world’s been watching on and wondering why the Marseille man had such a public meltdown.

He has been charged by UEFA following his red card, which came minutes before the Europa League match with Vitoria de Guimaraes. 

The 36-year-old, a substitute in the Group I game, now awaits his fate from the authorities and his club.

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Some haven’t been so lucky and were sacked on the spot when crossing the white line.

Here’s some of football’s biggest supporters vs player battles. Moments when lines are crossed and things go too far…

Karl Colley (Goole)

Captains. Cool-headed, calm and professional. The person in a team everyone looks up to.

Goole’s skipper didn’t exactly lead by example in January 2014. During their Northern League South game with Coalville, he climbed the terraces following a controversial red card and his big ideas was to take on a supporter who was giving him grief.

Home fans managed to calm him down, but no. Back he came, wriggling free from those who were trying to save him from himself and he struck the supporter. Of course, the entire thing was captured on a fans’ mobile phone. He was sacked later that day.

Eric Cantona (Manchester United)

The most famous one of all and a true ‘I remember where I was’ moment, this still resonates as one of the game’s biggest ever off-field incidents. The French superstar was red carded before taking leave of his senses against Crystal Palace in January 1995.

As he made his way to the Selhurst Park tunnel, something went inside his mind. Launching himself at the far-from-innocent Matthew Simmons, Eric the King’s crown slipped and he was rightly banned for nine months and was given 120 hours community service.

Lost it: Eric Cantona is a Manchester United great but his attack on a Crystal Palace fan will never be forgotten

Kobi Mossa (Maccabi in Tel Aviv)

Derby games. Heated at the best of times. But when a supporter decided on a one-man pitch invasion during the Hapoel and Maccabi in Tel Aviv encounter, he soon wished he hadn’t.

Maccabi defender Kobi Mossa got sick of the lack of security and took matters into his own hands. Or feet. He launched himself at the supporter, breaking his nose in the process. Unlike in the Premier League, cameras don’t pan to kids enjoying their chips in the stands when a clown runs on. The whole thing went live around the world.

Rob Tolfrey (Kingstonian)

Who would be a Non-League goalkeeper? The fans always stand behind the goal they’re attacking so it’s 90 minute of songs at your expense and relentless stick. But it sounds like Bognor Regis fans took the stopper sledging too far in February 2015.

Rob Tolfrey, the Ks’ long serving custodian, snapped in the second half. He jumped the ad board, scaled a five-foot drop and clashed with a group on the terraces. He was banned by the FA, but the Ryman League club stuck with him.

Adrian Chaves (Sawbridgeworth)

Non-League is the gift that keeps on giving, but this one turned very nasty indeed. Clapton’s fans are colourful, loud and political but things went far too far.

Adrian Chaves turned during the March 25 match in the Essex Senior League. Sick of what he was hearing, he allegedly returned to the dressing room, went into his bag and brandished a knife. The midfielder was soon restrained and the police were called.

Sawbridgeworth banned the 26-year-old for life and he hasn’t been seen on a pitch since.



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