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  • Paul Paul Jul 7, 2005 02:00 Flag

    Please respond to planned changes

    Yahoo! is making some final decisions regarding this year's game. There were some errors made last year as it was assumed that taking on new functionalty as used in Yahoo! US games would improve things. This unfortunately has not been this case. Some of the key changes being considered right now are:-

    1 - The game will not be locked during periods when matches are played. This works well for Yahoo! games in the US, but we accept it hasn't worked in the UK. Therefore it will be taken out.
    2 - We will run things Saturday to Saturday regardless of what games are played, if any.
    2 - The ability to increase salary cap by selling players for profit will be removed. This will revert back to how it was previously (i.e. fixed at 100)
    3 - In terms of scoring it is planned to give an additional two points for scoring a goal, and to reward defensive midfielders 2 points for tackles instead of 1/2 point.

    All messages will be taken into consideration but it would be appreciated if you could respond to the above planned changes. Lastly Yahoo! is looking at making the Spanish, French and Italian fantasy games available in English. Would you sign up for these games?

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