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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jan 12, 2013 08:31 Flag

    Nuri Sahin

    I think it's a waste to loan a player who barely gets a loom in especially whe he was so promising. He scored a fair few goals in such a short time..

    That alone tells me he should've made more starts.

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    • We're not loaning out anyone.. We've terminated the contract of a player we brought in on loan, sent him back to Madrid, who have no use, and loaned him back to his boyhood club Dortmund.. We've eliminated high wages of a player that didn't fit the team or EPL

      And he wasn't starting matches because he couldn't beat out our backups in Shelvey, Henderson, and Allen, let alone Lucas or Gerrard, so that is the reason he wasn't playing.. Why keep him and 6 midfielders ?

      3 goals came MONTHS ago, since then he's done nothing but suffer a broken nose and struggle to get into the squad..

      I don't know why I do this..

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      • I know it feels like your flogging a dead horse, he has to be the least savvy liverpool fan I've ever conversed with! What he doesn't seem to realise is that Brendan sees the effort players put in in training (or lack thereof). Sahin obviously didn't do enough, I think his motivation wasn't there and i think he would have preferred to go to Arsenal. It's much better to have that 100 large a week in the bank, particularly if he was causing friction with the other lads.

        What concerns me is the Ince situation. Apparently Zaha is going for 12 mil, and I think Ince has to be worth a similar amount, and were playing High Noon over 2 million with a young English player who would be in the running for Championship player of the year. Brinkmanship annoys me - get the deal done, we're not being ripped off even if we have to pay 8 mil!

        I would also like us to get Butland and loan him back for the rest of the season if it gets the deal done (I'd prefer not to do that) , then get rid of Reina at the end of the season co he's done his time now I think. Then there's the LB situation to sort as well.