Alcantara, Pyle and Arantes early winners at UFC 142

Maggie Hendricks

The UFC returned to Brazil on Saturday night for UFC 142. Two decisions and a quick knockout started off the card in Rio de Janeiro.

Pyle's quick win

Mike Pyle made quick work of Ricardo Funch with a right hand, a nasty knee and ground and pound to end their bout at 1:22 in the first round.

After the bouts, Pyle put out a warning to other welterweights.

"That's how I'm going to look every single time I step in the Octagon!"

Yuri Alcantara made the hometown crowd happy with a 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 decision over Michihiro Omigawa.

Alcantara started with a knee from the bell, and stung Omigawa with several strikes after. Late in the first, Alcantara swarmed with big strikes, including a spinning back elbow that knocked Omigawa to his knees. Omigawa remained calm and used his judo skills to reverse position and end up on top. Alcantara turned stretched out Omigawa in an armbar, but Omigawa was saved by the bell. A bit of controversy ensued as there was a question on if Omigawa tapped, but he didn't and the bout continued.

In the second round, Alcantara started with great striking and then got full mount. He took Omigawa's back, but wasn't able sink in a choke. Alcantara had the edge in the second round, but Omigawa came back looking fresh in the third round.

Though Omigawa still had movement, he ate a ton of punches in the third round. With 1:45 left in the fight, Omigawa easily got a takedown and was able to land punches from the guard. They were stood up with 15 seconds left in the bout, and Alcantara managed a takedown in the final seconds.

Arantes starts card off with a win

Felipe Arantes earned his first UFC victory with a decision over Antonio Carvalho. It was a close match until Arantes took Carvalho down late in the third and used elbows to beat up Carvalho and seal the fight in his favor. The judges saw it 29-28 on all three cards for Arantes.

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