Alexander Gustafsson posts a picture of his fight-ruining cut (Picture)

Maggie Hendricks

Alexander Gustafsson's fight with Gegard Mousasi was called off because of a cut on Gustafsson's face. He posted a picture of that cut on his website.

He sustained the cut during wrestling practice last week. Gustaffson said he lost his balance and hit his eyebrow. The cut received three stitches. He was ready to fight until the doctors told him he couldn't compete.

The problem with the cut is not so much its size or depth, but its location. If it was reopened in a fight, it's unlikely the fight would go on because the blood would impair Gustafsson's vision to a point that it would make the fight unfair. A cut like that would open with ease, too.

So now the UFC turns to Ilir Latifi, Gustafsson's training partner, to fight Gegard Mousasi in a main event.

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