Oakland Raiders tackle Jared Veldheer has muscles on top of his muscles

Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Jared Veldheer has been lifting weights this offseason.

And apparently doing nothing else.

No time for sleep, reading a book or watching the NCAA tournament when you're trying to get pumped up like Veldheer. Not now chief, I'm in the zone!

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Veldheer went from looking fairly normal, or at least as normal as a 300-pound man can look, to what you see in the above picture, which was posted by strength coach Mark Ehnis (@ThePowerMark on Twitter). Veldheer is the guy in the blue shirt, if you couldn't guess.

Now you glance at his picture a dozen times to confirm to yourself it's real.

Here's Veldheer's background photo on his Twitter page, obviously taken before this offseason:

So, yeah. There's something different about you, Jared ... have you shaved off a mustache? Can't quite put our finger on it.

Oh, apparently Veldheer has taken some time from his dead lifts and power cleans to take some vitamins as well:

So there you go. Take your vitamins, say your prayers, bench press about a billion pounds and you too can look like Veldheer in that picture on top of this post.

As CBS' Eye on Football pointed out, Veldheer weighed 312 when he came into the NFL, 321 last season and Ehnis tweeted that he's up to 325. That seems more like 40 pounds of muscle than four.

And we need to include this hilarious photoshop, from Spencer Hall at SB Nation:

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