All-Hockey Hair Team: Celebrating Minnesota’s sickest player flows (VIDEO)

The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament is an annual event that draws the attention and admiration of the hockey community. Not because of the play on the ice, but because of the sick wavy salad atop of the players’ heads.

Yes, it’s the All-Hockey Hair Team for the Minnesota tournament, produced by Pulltab Productions. It’s pretty much the greatest countdown in the history of countdowns about high-school hockey hair, at least since 2012:

So we learned:

• Caterpillar mustaches are in.

• The ‘T’ is Tsunami is not silent.

• The actor who played Jack O’Callahan in “Miracle” might still have high-school eligibility.

• Christian Wasbotten’s giant ‘fro is called the “Cotton Candy.”

• Make sure you skate up to the camera with the wind tunnel at your back.

• The ‘B’ stands for ‘blow dry’. Are you listening Tuukka Rask?

Check out last season’s countdown here.

s/t Marcie Peterson

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