Red Wings robbed of goal vs. Wild? Miller’s stick vs. Heatley’s glove (Video)

The Detroit Red Wings have had their share of controversial calls around the crease in recent years, from goalie interference penalties to “intent to blow” controversies.

On Wednesday night against the Minnesota Wild, there was another one to add to the collection, as what appeared to be a tying goal in the first period was waived off by referee Dave Jackson:

Jordin Tootoo’s shot from the left corner was saved by goalie Niklas Backstrom. The puck deflected into the air where Dany Heatley attempted to swat it away with his glove. Instead, he tipped it back toward the goal, and the puck went in behind Backstrom when Tootoo chased it down and tucked it home.

The question is, did Detroit’s Drew Miller hit the puck with a high stick after Heatley touched it? Because that’s the only explanation for this not being a goal.

(Speaking of explanations, it would have been nice to have heard the referee’s on the mic, but he obviously didn’t know his words were being smothered by the Pierre McGuire pillow of verbosity on NBC Sports Network.)

You could argue that part of the case is inconclusive, with any available angle. But the puck does appear to go off of Heatley’s glove and into the net without Miller making contact with it.

(Ed. Note: Good pick up from CJ Fogler here, as the puck does strike Miller's stick before it hits Heatley's glove.)

All of that said: Why wasn’t this reviewed?

NHL video from Yahoo! Sports:

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