Latvian basketball player produces miracle shot

Usually when a great basketball shot goes viral it is a superb buzzer beater or a spectacular dunk but this effort from Estonia really is like nothing we have ever seen.

Near the end of an Estonian League play-off match between Kalev /Cramo and Tarvas, Armands Skele of Kalev had a job just keeping a basketball in play.

However the 28-year-old, who comes from neighbouring Latvia, ended up doing much more than that as he astonishingly managed to control the ball, before scooping it behind his back and into the basket for an amazing three point play.

It helped Kalev to secure a 92-84 victory in Game One of the two sides' best of three semi-final contest.

The former Latvian international is considered "one of the great talents of his generation in Europe who never really lived up to expectations" according to his Wikipedia page which says he is known "for his wild lifestyle, including night clubs and gambling problems."

However, you certainly see a spark of that great talent in this amazing shot.