11 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week's Coronation Street will see Paul in turmoil after receiving a shattering health diagnosis, while Tracy stages a protest to bring Aaron to justice.

Elsewhere, Stephen is unnerved to see Carla back in Weatherfield, and Damon continues to pursue Sarah.

Here's a look at the 11 big moments coming up.

1. Paul receives a devastating diagnosis

paul foreman in coronation street

Amid his ongoing health and money problems, Paul is horrified when Adam lets slip that Dee-Dee has pledged to cover all of his costs. Refusing to be seen as a charity case, proud Paul tells Dee-Dee that she needs to find a flatmate who'll pay their way and he moves out into the flower-shop flat.

After settling into his new digs, Paul is pleased to secure work as a kitchen porter at the Bistro.

But his day then takes a heartbreaking turn when he arrives for his hospital appointment and the neurologist explains there's a chance he's suffering from onset motor neurone disease.

2. Paul suffers in silence

paul foreman's new storyline in coronation street

Paul's world implodes at the discovery that he could have a terminal condition and he finds himself unable to share the distressing news.

After going out for a meal with his loved ones, Paul returns home and sits there in despair, staring down at his hand. As silent tears fall down his face, the builder is overwhelmed by the frightening reality of what might lie ahead for him.

3. Paul makes a risky decision

paul foreman, damon, coronation street

As Paul continues to conceal his potential diagnosis from his family and friends, his thoughts turn to making money. Desperate to repay Billy and give Gemma a helping hand with her wedding, he decides Damon is the man who can help.

Approaching Harvey's brother, Paul declares he hasn't got long to live and needs to earn some quick cash.

Damon obliges by handing over the details of a bloke called Kyle who is looking for a driver as part of an insurance scam. Will Paul be tempted to break the law to settle his debts?

4. Amy's ordeal becomes public knowledge

amy barlow, tracy mcdonald, coronation street

Wanting justice for Amy, Tracy has put up posters exposing Aaron's crime all over Weatherfield. Amy is upset by the breach of her privacy, but Tracy insists no-one will know she was behind it.

Sadly Tracy is wrong, and when Mary finds a flyer on the florist printer, Abi realises the truth and confronts Aaron.

Later, Peter calls at Number 1 and explains what's going on, leaving Amy devastated that her ordeal has become the talk of the Street.

5. Tracy stages a protest

tracy mcdonald, coronation street

With a rage building inside her, Tracy heads to the police station and glues herself to the counter – declaring she's not moving until Amy's rape allegation is taken seriously.

With her free hand, Tracy then makes a call to Daniel, who has connections with the local paper. As Steve and Amy arrive at the station, they find Tracy about to give an interview to Suki, a reporter from the Gazette.

Not wanting to create any further drama, Amy pleads with her mum not to go ahead with the article.

6. Summer grows suspicious of Aaron

aaron, summer , coronation street

Back on the cobbles, Abi informs Aaron that Amy has changed her story with the police. So when Aadi verbally attacks Aaron for what he did to Amy, the teen is quick to tell him that Amy has now changed her story.

That's enough to convince Aadi of Aaron's innocence, and the boys head off into town for a music gig.

However, Summer is suspicious about Amy's sudden u-turn, and clocks her distress when a photo of Aadi and Aaron at the gig pops up on her phone.

7. Michael and Rufus cause problems for Stephen

michael bailey, stephen reid , coronation street

The pressure is on for Stephen when Elaine reminds him that the solicitor needs proof of funds so they can proceed with their house purchase.

He's faced with another problem when Michael lets slip he has promised the girls a generous bonus off the back of the new deal.

Forced to conceal his fury, Stephen rings Rufus and attempts to re-negotiate, but the businessman refuses to budge.

Later in the week, Michael calls to see Stephen and presents his case for a cut of the profits. But that's soon the least of Stephen's concerns when he sees his nemesis Carla is back in Weatherfield.

8. Craig's meeting with Miley goes badly

beth sutherland, craig tinker, miley, coronation street

Craig is delighted when Faye invites him round to meet Miley, who is visiting for the day.

Keen to surprise the little girl, Craig asks if he can buy Miley a gift and Faye explains that she loves basketball. Unfortunately, Craig mishears and ends up purchasing a baseball bat and mitt, much to his embarrassment.

Craig tries to engage Miley with a game of catch, but is gutted when it's obvious the youngster isn't enjoying herself. Watching on, Faye can't help but feel sorry for Craig.

Later, after Faye says goodbye to Miley and Jackson, Craig opens up, admitting he feels jealous of her connection with them.

9. Damon's on a mission

sarah barlow, damon, coronation street

As Damon and Sarah get flirty in the solicitor's office, their mutual attraction doesn't go unnoticed by Dee-Dee. Smitten Damon is determined to get what he wants and boldly tells Sarah he won't stop until he's seduced her into bed.

Meanwhile, Sarah's hopes of enjoying a family Easter egg hunt are ruined when Leanne refuses to allow Sam to take part with Damon and his cronies still at large.

Upset at her nephew's absence, Sarah confronts Damon, demanding he makes things right so that Sam feels safe. Will he agree to help?

10. Brian's dreams are dashed

brian packham, mary , coronation street

Brian's thrilled to receive an email from the family tree website, revealing he has an Italian cousin called Isabella, living in Napoli.

Wanting to connect with his long lost relative, Brian tells Rita he's planning a trip to see Isabella and asks if she'll look after The Kabin in his absence.

It's a no from Rita, so Brian decides to ask Mary instead. But hilarity ensues when Mary assumes Brian is inviting her to go with him and accepts.

However, the pair's Italian dream is quickly dashed when Brian gets a message from Isabella saying her flat is currently under renovation and she's coming to stay with him instead.

11. Glenda has a blast from the past

george shuttleworth, todd grimshaw, estelle, glenda shuttleworth, coronation street

As George and Todd show an awkward customer called Estelle out of the undertakers, Glenda recognises her as a face from her past.

The barmaid reveals she and Estelle (played by West End star Ruthie Henshall) used to work together on the cruise ships.

Estelle fills Glenda in on what she's been up to since their days at sea, sharing that she's now the co-owner of a performing arts club for kids. Glenda's all ears, particularly when Estelle reveals anyone can buy into the franchise and open their own branch.

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