13 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week on Coronation Street, Justin's fate is revealed as his trial reaches its conclusion.

Elsewhere, Max's return to the cobbles sparks a mixed reception, and Sarah confesses to her affair.

Here's a full collection of 13 big moments coming up.

1. Justin's verdict is revealed

justin, coronation street

As Justin's trial draws to a close, the prosecution and defence barristers give their closing speeches.

Later, the jury returns. Daisy, Ryan and Daniel all brace themselves as Justin's verdict is announced in court.

2. Daisy's secret comes under threat

carla barlow, ryan connor , coronation street

Ryan discovers that the 'Crystal' messages haven't really been coming from the Ibiza club promoter.

Carla encourages Ryan to find out who's responsible for the catfishing and even suggests reporting the situation to the police. Daisy is forced to feign surprise when she finds out what's going on, fearing that Ryan will find out she was the mystery sender.

3. Yasmeen receives some alarming news

yasmeen metcalfe, coronation street

Yasmeen is stunned when Lily lets slip that Max is due to be released from the Secure Training Centre imminently.

Yasmeen feels that Max hasn't served a long enough sentence and points out that his actions nearly got Alya killed.

4. Max refuses to leave the STC

max turner, david platt , coronation street

Max is also informed of plans to give him an early release. He reacts badly by barricading himself into his cell and vowing not to leave.

Arriving to pick Max up, David tries to find out what's wrong. Max acknowledges the terrible things he did when he was part of Griff's gang and admits that he dreads coming home.

5. Alya reads a letter from Max

alya nazir, yasmeen, coronation street

Max returns home to the Street, but continues to face the consequences of his actions as he's fitted with an electronic ankle tag.

Max writes an apology letter to Alya, but she's angry to read it and clearly isn't ready to forgive him. Alya heads out on a mission, but what will she do?

6. Max meets Gav's girlfriend

bec, max, coronation street

Max decides to do a favour for his STC friend Gav and tracks down his girlfriend Bec at the precinct flats.

The teens chat at the café, where Bec puts her number into Max's phone and cheekily leaves him to pay the bill.

7. Adam befriends Damon

nick tilsley, damon, adam barlow , coronation street

Adam, Damon and Nick all have a meeting with the council to discuss plans for the Bistro to get a late licence. Adam vouches for Damon, promising that the former drug dealer is a changed man and now focused on helping the local community.

Damon is grateful for Adam's support and invites him to a Weatherfield County game as a thank-you. Adam accepts, still oblivious to Damon's affair with Sarah.

8. Sarah is spotted with Damon

harry, coronation street

Damon pays a visit to Sarah's flat. While it's on the pretence of looking for Adam, he soon finds an excuse to keep Sarah company when he learns that Adam is out.

The pair are interrupted when Gail brings Sarah's son Harry home unexpectedly, explaining that the youngster has a temperature. Gail can't help suspecting that she has interrupted something.

Later, things get worse for Sarah when Harry spots her in a passionate embrace with Damon.

9. Sarah confesses all

sarah barlow, adam, coronation street

Harry's discovery takes a toll on him as he becomes confused and tells Adam that he doesn't want a new dad. Sarah tries to play down the situation, then privately begs Harry to keep her secret.

When Harry continues to make comments which hint at the truth, Sarah realises the game is up and she confesses to Adam about sleeping with Damon.

10. Evelyn pushes Roy away

evelyn plummer, roy, coronation street

Evelyn is irritated when she pays a visit to Roy in hospital and finds Yasmeen there for the second time. Roy delightedly explains how his friendship with Yasmeen has been rekindled after she found Hayley's missing red coat.

Roy asks Evelyn to look after Freddie the dog while he recuperates from his operation. Still annoyed and jealous over Roy and Yasmeen, brittle Evelyn makes out that his request is an imposition.

11. Ed and Aggie struggle with a blast from the past

aggie bailey, yvette, patrick, coronation street

When Ed and Aggie are out for a meal at Debbie's hotel, they bump into their old neighbours Patrick and Yvette. Clearly not noticing Aggie's uneasy reaction, Yvette insists on joining them and ruins the date.

Things get worse for Aggie when Patrick and Yvette bag themselves a dinner invite. Aggie complains that Yvette will look down her nose at their new house, but Tim suggests that they could borrow the more upmarket Metcalfe home for the afternoon and pass it off as their own.

12. Aggie and Ed's plan gets under way

aggie bailey, ed bailey, tim metcalfe, coronation street

Aggie goes ahead and uses Number 4 to cook dinner for her former neighbours, but Sally expects something to go wrong, as it often does in Weatherfield.

Sally's prediction proves true when Tim pops up wearing her pink dressing gown, just as Patrick and Yvette arrive, ready to be entertained by the Baileys.

13. Carla makes a big decision over Underworld

stephen reid, carla barlow, coronation street

Carla informs Stephen that she won't be returning to the factory and plans to sell her share. She adds that she has already found a buyer, which annoys Stephen as he'd like to take full control.

Stephen asks Elaine whether they can re-mortgage their Redbank property to buy Carla's share of Underworld.

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