14 EastEnders spoilers for next week

EastEnders spoilers follow.

Next week on EastEnders, Lola gets devastating news, while Keanu proposes to Sharon and Linda faces new heartbreak.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Lola gets devastating news

lola pearce, jay mitchell, eastenders

Lola is busy making preparations for her charity fundraising event when the hospital calls and asks her to come in for an early appointment.

Jay tries to hide his concerns from a panicked Lola, and remains optimistic about the visit.

2. Ben tries to impress Phil

ben mitchell, eastenders

It's the grand opening of Boxing Den, as Kat, Sharon and Phil host a launch event.

Eager to impress Phil, Ben steps in at the last minute to take part in a demo when one of the boxers is taken ill. Unfortunately, it doesn't go Ben's way…

3. Keanu proposes to Sharon

sharon watts, keanu taylor, eastenders

Keanu is downbeat as he's dismissed by Sharon once again.

After some words of encouragement from Sam and even Karen – who begrudgingly shares her advice – Keanu makes a declaration of love at the gym and proposes to a horrified Sharon in front of stunned onlookers.

Angry, Sharon makes a hurried exit but Keanu follows her and declares his love for her again in private.

4. Linda gets an update on Janine

linda carter, alfie moon, sam mitchell, eastenders

Linda frets as she waits for an update from her lawyer on the status of Janine's plea and starts to worry about the potential of a trial.

Sharon and Alfie rally around Linda and convince her to attend the gym opening in a bid to distract her.

At the gym, Linda and Alfie bond over their shared history with boxing and she later gets an update on Janine.

5. Sonia discovers Rocky's secret

sonia fowler, rocky, eastenders

Rocky worries that his past will catch up with him as he and Kathy prepare to meet the Vicar to discuss their upcoming nuptials.

Rocky struggles to contain his guilt when he overhears Kathy gushing to Bobby about her second chance at love.

Panicked, Rocky retreats to the backyard where he's interrupted by a concerned Sonia. She is stunned when Rocky reveals he got married 25 years ago and they never got divorced.

6. Sharon has a decision to make

sharon watts, keanu taylor, eastenders

Kat encourages Sharon to listen to her heart regarding Keanu.

Despite Kat's advice, Sharon remains torn but a frank conversation with Sam convinces her to rethink.

She later invites Keanu over, having made a decision about their future.

7. Sonia gives Rocky an ultimatum

rocky, sonia fowler, eastenders

Sonia is disgusted to learn about Rocky's secret, and gives him an ultimatum – tell Kathy by the end of the day, or she will.

Rocky heads home to meet with Kathy and the vicar where he continues to lie about his past.

Sonia shares her disdain for Rocky to Reiss who manages to convince Sonia to take a more sympathetic view. Panicked that she may have ruined everything, Sonia rushes over to No.45 on a false pretence.

As Reiss and Sonia strategise with Rocky about his predicament, he starts to feel more optimistic about the future.

8. Lola pursues her fundraiser

lola pearce, eastenders

Lola insists that she wants to plough on with the fundraiser, despite the news she received from the hospital.

She asks Sam if she can hire Peggy's for the event but Sam declines. Furious, Lola lashes out, prompting Phil to step in and allow her to use Peggy's for free.

Lola is touched by Phil's generosity, leaving a drunken Sam humiliated that her brother has undermined her once again.

9. Linda is left devastated over Alfie

linda carter, alfie moon, eastenders

Sam and Alfie drink together in The Vic as they bond over their respective failed love lives.

A tipsy Sam and Alfie share a joke about his relationship with Linda, unaware that she is listening.

Upset, Linda later confronts Alfie.

10. Freddie takes revenge on Rocky

sonia fowler, reiss colwell, freddie slater, eastenders

Rocky enlists the help of Sonia, Reiss and Harvey to try and track down his wife Jo but to no avail.

Freddie senses Reiss' struggle and is able to track Jo down within minutes.

However, when he learns about Rocky’s lies, Freddie heads to the car lot and takes his revenge.

11. Jo arrives in Walford

rocky, eastenders

Freddie tells Rocky that he tracked Jo down and has given her Kathy's address.

Rocky is horrified when he spots Jo approaching No.45, where she wastes no time in revealing her identity to Kathy. Kathy is stunned by this and all hell breaks loose.

Vicki Michelle has been cast in the role as Jo for a short stint.

12. Lola is supported by her family

lola pearce, jay mitchell, lexi mitchell, eastenders

As she throws everything into making the fundraiser a success, Lola clashes with Ben – who thinks she should be prioritising their daughter instead.

Lola is overcome with emotion when she realises that Lexi believes that she will get better and is even more overwhelmed by the extent of her family's unwavering support.

13. Sonia has a proposition for Reiss

sonia fowler, reiss colwell, eastenders

Sonia and Reiss talk things through with Kathy and Rocky respectively, with both sympathising with the other person.

With Reiss' words ringing true, Sonia heads over to Kathy's to try and convince her to give Rocky another chance.

Having been touched by Reiss' actions, Sonia invites him to visit Bangkok to meet Bex. Unsettled, Reiss declines the offer, explaining he can't afford it.

14. Jay confronts Emma

lola pearce, jay mitchell, eastenders

After a hugely successful fundraiser, Lola asks Emma to join her and Lexi for a girly night in.

Emma awkwardly declines the offer, which raises alarm bells with Jay – who fears that she is unable to cope with Lola's declining health.

Jay confronts Emma and she later drowns her sorrows in The Vic, opening up about her mum-guilt with Sam.

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