14 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, Yazz and Tom reel from their tragic news, and Charlie is arrested.

Meanwhile, Tony searches for the truth about Ella's father and Grace calls off the robbery plan, but Cindy is determined to change her mind.

1. Zara tells Damon the truth

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When Damon turns up at The Loft door, Zara, Grace and Cindy think maybe it's fate and ask him to become their getaway driver.

Zara bumps into Jack and the conversation gets stirred into the direction of his former career as a policeman and robberies he'd worked on. Wanting to gain intel for the upcoming plan, she takes down as much information as possible.

Back at The Loft, Zara and Cindy receive a visit from Zoe telling them the police have had a tip-off about an upcoming robbery.

Damon arrives concerned about Zara's recent strange behaviour, leaving Grace convinced it was him who went to the police. However, when they're alone, Zara is unable to keep it from Damon anymore and confesses their plan to rob a van.

2. Tony searches for answers

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Ella tells Beau about how her search for her biological dad has led her to Tony.

Beau tells Ella that she needs evidence to support this, and when Tony overhears some of the conversation, Ella has to come clean.

With the secret out in the open, Tony goes back through his past and finds a letter from Mandy explaining that Ella had been born.

3. Maxine supports Yazz

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Tom is in a frenzy awaiting news on Yazz, who has been rushed into surgery following her collapse.

After learning what's happened from Tom, Maxine goes to reassure Yazz.

4. Joel apologises to Leela

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When Leela comes across a struggling Donna-Marie, she tries to make amends by apologising for kissing Joel and promising it meant nothing.

However, Leela is unaware that Joel is listening around the corner.

Joel later tells Leela he overheard her conversation and he shouldn't have taken advantage while she was vulnerable.

5. Cindy is forced to confess

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Damon tells Cindy and Grace that he is happy to be their getaway driver. Cindy and Grace have doubts about this and want to get Damon away from Zara.

When Damon turns up at The Loft, Grace and Cindy interrogate him to find out his real motive for agreeing to help.

The questioning leads to more answers than expected when Cindy admits she called the police yesterday to gain more insight.

6. Grace calls off the robbery

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Damon explains his reasoning for agreeing to be the getaway driver – he wants a new life and the money he can make from the heist can ensure that.

Agreeing they need Damon, Grace tasks him with getting a vehicle. She leaves the bear with the gun in with Cindy to put away, but in a rush, Cindy leaves it on a bookshelf.

When Grace hears that Curtis and Hilton are playing with a teddy bear Zara has never seen before, she's worried and rushes home.

Realising they're in above their heads, Grace decides to call off the robbery but Cindy is determined, even if she has to do it alone.

7. Charlie's struggles continue

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Charlie prepares for his maths exam but a message from Shing Lin gets his head spinning.

He is left worrying that he has messed up his exam, but Shing Lin has an idea to take his mind off it – until Darren arrives home and rumbles their plan.

After hearing his friend's disaster story, Dillon comes up with a way to get Darren out the house so Charlie and Shing Lin can pick up where they left off.

When things don't go to plan, Charlie's paranoia kicks in and he tells Shing Lin to leave.

8. Yazz worries about her future

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Yazz is back at home and out of the hospital.

She is soon left worrying that she might lose her husband over their very different desires when it comes to a future family.

Tom tries to reassures her, but what does the future hold for them?

9. Charlie is arrested again

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Charlie is struggling with his emotions and lashes out at Darren and Shing Lin.

At the park, Shing Lin decides not to tell Dillon about what really happened the night before with Charlie, but when he walks by, Charlie gets the wrong idea and thinks he's being laughed at. Furious, he pushes Dillon to the ground.

Zoe spots the commotion and demands to know what's going on. Not wanting to drag out the awkwardness, the three teenagers all say nothing happened and Zoe lets them off.

Unfortunately, things later go from bad to worse when Charlie and Dillon meet Taz to pick up some more drugs. They are caught red-handed by Zoe, who arrests Charlie.

10. Grace makes a big move

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Cindy is missing and Grace and Zara are worried about her. However, Grace tries to reassure Zara that their friend knows the heist is a three women job and wouldn't risk doing it without them.

Cindy eventually pulls up in a flamboyant car that she's got her hands on – insisting that this will be their getaway vehicle.

Determined to do what's needed to keep her family and friends safe, Grace gives Cindy some harsh words which backfires when it only serves to spur her on even more.

Knowing she needs to protect Cindy from herself, Grace agrees to be back in on the job, but is it all as it seems?

11. Zoe struggles with her decision

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Zoe is having doubts about going through with the termination and turns to Felix for advice.

Still looking for guidance, Zoe later turns to her best friend Maxine for some support.

12. Charlie makes a promise

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After spending the night in police custody, Charlie is let off with a caution. However, it's far from over as Taz is determined to find out what happened.

A guilty Darren stays quiet, instead opening up to Charlie about his mental health journey and encourages him to see a professional.

Charlie agrees, but as the pair wait for his appointment at the hospital, a slip of the tongue leads to the truth coming out.

13. Sam's family give him some advice

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While walking to the station with Maxine, Zoe comes face to face with Sam. He owns up about what he's done but, after he finds out she hasn't had the abortion yet, is eager to try and change her mind again.

Maxine steps in by telling her brother to back off. However, when this doesn't work, she asks Lizzie to have a word as wekk.

Zoe later thanks Maxine for having her back and admits she hopes Sam respects her enough to move on. But will Lizzie be able to get through to him?

14. Cindy tries to prove herself

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Cindy catches Grace booking a flight, claiming it's to visit Courtney for a few days.

Cindy isn't happy considering there's an insert day for Hilton on the day they're hitting the money van.

Despite this, Cindy agrees to the task of sorting childcare, wanting to show her competence.

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