$2.75m BAYC purchase smashes collection’s highest ever sale record

A ‘Solid Gold’ fur Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT has smashed the collection’s previous highest sale ever record following a 1080.69 ETH sale on competitor marketplace LooksRare.

The sale of the ape – which was equivalent to approximately $2.75m at the time of purchase – beat the previous record of 769 ETH ($2.2M) set back in September 2021.

The 1080 ETH sale now marks the highest sale ever when denominated in Ether (ETH), the favoured asset within the NFT space to buy and sell digital collectables.

Previous sales of apes have sold for higher amounts when denominated in USD thanks to a higher price of Ethereum at the time, including a $2.8m sale of a fellow ‘Solid Gold‘ fur ape alongside metaverse platform The Sandbox’s $2.4m purchase of another golden ape dubbed ‘The Captain’.

A fourth golden ape also sold at a Sotheby’s auction for 600 ETH ($2.2m) back in September. Other record-breaking sales in the collection, including the previous record holder, feature an array of desirable traits including ‘Trippy Fur‘ and ‘Laser Eyes’.

The ape’s sale on OpenSea’s latest competitor, LooksRare, also marks another monumental moment in the adaption of BAYC NFTs across the entire ecosystem following the collection’s listing on crypto exchange FTX’s native marketplace in December.

In addition, the collection has seen an incredible spike in volume in the past 7 days following Ethereum’s latest pullback.

Bored Ape Yacht Club currently sits top of the 7-day rankings on OpenSea with almost 34,000 ETH ($86m) of trading volume in the past week, with sister project Mutant Ape Yacht Club also recording 22,o00 ETH in volume over the same period.

Alongside setting its highest ever sale, BAYC is also breaking other records too. The collection now sits at a floor price of 116.9 ETH ($297k) – the highest ever ETH-denominated price since its May 2021 release.