4 Signs You've Found a Kindred Spirit In Your Life


Tim Robberts, Getty Images

Have you ever met someone new (maybe at school or work) and immediately hit it off? We're talking about an instant connection where the conversation flows so effortlessly, and you can already tell that this is someone you're going to be friends with long-term. If you know what we're talking about, then you might have found your kindred spirit.

The idea of kindred spirits is similar to the concept of a soulmate or twin flame, but with some subtle nuances. The bottom line is, though, you've found a special kind of bond and friendship that you'll treasure for a long time. Curious to see if the person that comes to mind is your kindred spirit? Well, keep reading to learn more about what kindred spirits are and common signs that you've found yours.

What are kindred spirits?

There are many ways to define the concept of kindred spirits, but in essence, it's two people who are connected through their similar values and interests. According to Dr. Carla Marie Manly, clinical psychologist and author of Date Smart, kindred spirits are the "family of the soul." "Although many people describe kindred spirits as being 'like-minded,' a true kindred spirit feels familiar and similar energetically, emotionally, and mentally."

This kind of connection can occur in any type of relationship, mainly including romantic and platonic. While you can experience this bond within your family, Dr. Manly says, most people experience this connection with someone outside of their DNA family.

Unlike soulmates, who often describe their connection as two separate souls that are linked, kindred spirits feel very similar to one another. However, they aren't as connected as a twin flame, which is described as one soul split into two bodies.

A twin flame is also known as a "mirror soul." Dr. Manly says there's a fine line between this type of relationship being alluring and toxic. "If both partners in a twin-flame relationship are self-aware and evolved, their twin flame energy will be healthy and uplifting," she says. However, if twin flame partners are stuck in destructive habits, their energy will be toxic for themselves and each other because they will mirror and amplify unhealthy behaviors.

4 signs you've found a kindred spirit

1. You feel like you've known each other your entire life.

"Kindred spirits often know or 'feel' each other at the first meeting," explains Dr. Manly. "There is often a deep sense of having a natural connection with a kindred spirit." She further explains that even if your connection with someone is new, a kindred spirit will have a very soulful "I've known you for a long time" energy.

2. You have so much in common.

Kindred spirits will have similar (almost unusually similar) approaches to life. You'll both have similar values, mannerisms, and a sense of humor. You'll also find yourself surprised by how much you like and dislike the same things and may even find yourself finishing each other's sentences.

3. You feel wholeheartedly comfortable around them.

"The natural affinity between kindred spirits often feels very familiar, comfortable, and indescribably engaging," says Dr. Manly. You never feel out of place or question your relationship.

4. You always pick up where you left off.

Like all relationships, kindred spirit relationships certainly need attention and TLC to sustain them over time. However, true kindred spirit connections tend to "begin where they left off" after months or years without physical or verbal connection, says Dr. Manly. "The enduring nature of the kindred spirit connection allows for a 'meeting of soulful energy' despite separation by distance and time."