Andy Murray hails 'mental' Queen's win, considers US Open return

Andy Murray has hailed his Queen’s triumph alongside partner Feliciano Lopez as ‘mental’.

The 32-year-old joined forces with Lopez to see off Joe Salisbury and Rajeev Ram in the final 7-6 (8-6) 5-7 10-5, a perfect end to his first tournament since career-saving hip surgery.

And the Glasgow-born former world No. 1 admits he surprised even himself with the victory.

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"I've won with a metal hip. It is mental really," the 32-year-old said. “This is very different for me and it's more special than a lot of the singles tournaments that I have won for a lot of different reasons.

"It's a cool thing to be able to have done, because of where I was a few months ago.

"Even as far as just two months ago, I just wasn't thinking about this. It was not something that I was driven to get back to, playing here.

"I was just really, really happy just to be pain-free and enjoying life, literally just doing normal things. So it's really special."

It’s an important step in the rehabilitation of the three-time grand slam winner, who is aiming to bounce back from his hip replacement to play singles tennis again.

“If I keep progressing, I would like to try to play singles,” he told PA.

“I think I have a couple of options after Wimbledon – either I continue with doubles but start training and practising singles through the US Open swing, and then try and maybe play singles after that.

“Or I take a longer break post-Wimbledon of maybe, let’s say, a month or six weeks, to get myself ready for singles, and then try and play close to the US Open time.

“But I don’t care really either way. It would be nice to play at the US Open but if I don’t – look, I got so much enjoyment and happiness after winning a first-round doubles match here that, you know, that’s enough.”

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