Anonymous Courtier Speaking With "Distinct Discomfort" Says Recent Royal Drama Is Not a Crisis "Yet"

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Recent Royal Drama Is Not a Crisis..."Yet"Chris Jackson - Getty Images

It goes without saying that the royal family has had a pretty dramatic start to 2024 given King Charles' cancer diagnosis and Kate Middleton's major abdominal surgery and lengthy recovery. And now that Prince William has mysteriously pulled out of his godfather's memorial for "personal reasons," pretty much the entire internet is in a state of 👀.

As royal expert Richard Kay put it in the Daily Mail, "A king fighting cancer, a princess stricken by an unknown debilitating illness and a vanished prince with no explanation for his absence have contributed to a febrile and dangerously unsettled atmosphere."

According to Kay, "aides insist it is not a crisis," but apparently one anonymous "long-standing courtier" added "not yet" with "distinct discomfort," into that how you will.

Kay also notes that royal officials typically "offer consoling words of reassurance" to the public when people spiral, but says their silence is adding to a "sense of apprehension that all is not well within the royal house."

Again, we don't know why Prince William skipped his godfather's memorial, but Kay confirms that "it is highly unusual for a Royal Family member to pull out of an official event at the last minute." That said, apparently Prince William "spoke to Constantine’s family to explain."

Just FYI, around the same time the palace announced Prince William was skipping the memorial, they said Kate Middleton "continues to be doing well," least there's that?

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