Barack Obama's high school basketball jersey sells for record $192,000 at auction

Jack Baer
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The most expensive high school basketball jersey ever sold at auction doesn’t belong to Michael Jordan. Or LeBron James.

Kobe Bryant? Larry Bird? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? None of the above.

No, the most expensive high school basketball jersey reportedly comes from a man who logged zero NBA minutes in his basketball career: Barack Obama.

The Punahou School jersey of the 44th President of the United States sold for a whopping $192,000 at auction on Friday. According to seller Julien’s Auctions, that sum represents the record for a high school jersey sold at auction.

The sale appears to break a record previously set by LeBron James, whose St. Vincent-St. Mary’s uniform, the one featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, sold for $187,500 last year.

Barack Obama, the basketball player

The former president’s love of basketball has been well-known for years, from shooting hoops on the campaign trail to discussing Jordan in ESPN’s “The Last Dance.”

As a player in high school, Obama didn’t start, but he had his proponents on the court. From NBC News:

Mark Bendix said his old pal should have been a starter at Punahou — and insisted he was not just being loyal to an old friend.

“I loved his game,” he said. “He had a pretty good shot and really handled the ball well.”

Obama’s high school stats appear to be lost to history, but photographs still remain:

Obama’s jersey was one of multiple record-setters at auction on Friday, joined by the jersey from Colin Kaepernick’s NFL debut, (an NFL-record $128,000), and the jersey from Jordan’s Bulls signing ceremony as a rookie (a Jordan-record $320,000).

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