Barton hits back after sending off

The controversial midfielder has reiterated that he did not deserve to be dismissed and revealed he tried to get a City player sent off as well.

Barton saw red for elbowing Carlos Tevez and then kneed Sergio Aguero, an incident which sparked a mass confrontation.

During the melee, Barton also aimed a headbutt at City captain Vincent Kompany and exchanged heated words with substitute Mario Balotelli.

He was eventually restrained by a group of players and hauled down the tunnel by former team-mate Micah Richards and Rangers staff.

"Can do nothing but apologise to the players and the fans. Still don't think its a sending off. Tried to take 1 of their players with me..." Barton wrote on Twitter.

"The head was never gone at any stage, once I'd been sent off, one of our players suggested I should try to take 1 of theirs with me..."

Barton then proceeded to launch a remarkable tirade in response to criticism from BBC pundit Alan Shearer on Match of the Day.

"Shearers still on my case..."I know I f**ked up Alan, thanks for stating the obvious," he wrote on Twitter.

"I have a better hair(which is not hard), wear well better shirts on TV and have a personality (something u lack). I really don't like that p***k, in fact I honestly despise him...

"I'd take it off Hansen and @GaryLineker but not from that bell, same fella that stamped on Neil Lennon,then threatened FA if they banned him. That he would retire from international football. No sorry, not having him, never have. Selfish, boring man him. He can do one..."

Lineker then leapt to the defence of Shearer, Tweeting at Barton: "Still raging then? Still kicking out? And still, presumably, misunderstood? But only by yourself I suspect."

But the words only served to inflame the QPR star's temper, and he threatened Lineker with revelations: "do u wanna go there publicly "Mr Squeaky Clean" ? Think u should have a look in that vast closet of skeltons before u respond... I know a lot about THAT side to u the people don't and won't bat an eye lid at exposing u. So mind ur manners Squeaky... now back under your stone you odious little toad..."

Barton will serve an automatic four-match ban and he seems certain to face additional sanctions from the Football Association for his subsequent attacks which, with the add-ons for previous dismissals, could see him start next season with a nine-match suspension.

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