Biden Has Priceless Response To Fox News Question On Possible Trump Pardon

President Joe Biden was asked on Monday if he or any other future president should consider a pardon for Donald Trump, who is facing potential federal charges in the classified documents probe.

Biden didn’t provide much in the way of an answer ― yet managed to speak volumes at the same time.

The question came from Peter Doocy of Fox News.

“Did you see that Ron DeSantis said that if he became president he would pardon Trump?” Doocy asked. “Where are you on the idea of presidents pardoning Trump?”

Biden chuckled, waved and walked away.

“I’ll see you guys,” he said over his shoulder. “Great question.”

DeSantis, the governor of Florida and a Trump rival for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, said last week he would look at “any example of disfavored treatment” as he considers pardons on “day one” of his presidency.

“I will have folks that will get together and look at all these cases ... people [who] are victims of weaponization or political targeting, and we will be aggressive at issuing pardons,” he said when asked about the possibility of pardons for the former president and the Jan. 6 rioters who attempted to block the certification of the 2020 election.